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Kansas DMV Locations

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The Kansas Department of Revenue Division of Vehicles oversees law relating to vehicle license plates and certificates of title, motor vehicle dealer licensing, and driver licensing control. If you want to obtain a driver’s license or ID card, go to a Division of Vehicles office. While the Vehicle Division is responsible for license plate, registration, and titling, functions, they are handled by county treasurers.

Vehicle Registration and Titling

To make an application for title and vehicle registration, go to the treasurer’s office in the county where the vehicle will be garaged. Kansas law requires that you make your title and registration application within 60 days of acquiring the new vehicle. County treasurer’s offices also handle tags and renewals.

If you need replacement copies of registrations or titles, they are available online.

Driver Licensing

Kansas has 105 Driver’s Licensing Offices that are located throughout the state. In many cases, these offices are located within the county Courthouse. The offices provide driver testing and driver licensing and ID card services. They are as follows:

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