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Kentucky Criminal Record

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The Kentucky Court of Justice is the entity responsible for criminal records in the state. It is possible to request criminal records online, in person, or by mail.

Criminal Records: An Overview

There are many misconceptions about criminal records in Kentucky and in other states throughout the country. Many of these misconceptions are related to what sort of information a criminal record includes. For example, many people think that a criminal record only includes information about crimes they have been convicted of.

However, criminal records in Kentucky and other states will include much more information than that. A criminal record will also include arrests, acquittals, charges that were dropped, and personal information. The personal information on a criminal record includes the person’s full legal name, any aliases they have used, their most recent address, a picture, and fingerprints. This much personal information is necessary to ensure that one person’s record is not mistakenly attributed to someone else.

How Criminal Records Are Used

There are three main reasons that someone would request a criminal record. These reasons include background checks, checks for government licenses, and checks from law enforcement. Occasionally, people will request a copy of their own criminal record. This is most commonly done by people who want to ensure that a charge has been expunged from their record.

Background checks are often performed by prospective employers. They have become more popular in recent years, as the option to request criminal records online has made it much quicker and easier for companies to initiate a background check. Background checks are especially common for high-level positions, though some companies will also do background checks on low-level employees. Government agencies may perform background checks if someone is applying for a firearms license or the like. Law enforcement will check someone’s criminal record if they are suspected of a crime.


How People Can Access Your Records

In Kentucky, there are three ways that people can access your records. As previously mentioned, they may submit a background check request online, via mail, or in person. If an employer is requesting a background check, they will have to have the approval of the record holder. If someone is applying for a government-issued license, they will also be notified that submitting the application gives the government the right to run a background check.

While this does offer a degree of privacy, criminal records are public information. That means that even though government agencies and employers have to notify people if they will be subject to a background check, it is possible for a private citizen to request the criminal records of another person. However, certain kinds of cases like juvenile cases and mental health cases will not be listed on the criminal record if a private citizen requests it.

How to Request a Copy of a Criminal Record

A criminal record can be requested online here. If you want to request a criminal record in person, you have to go to the Administrative Office of the Courts in Frankfort. A mailed request must be submitted to the same office at this address:

Administrative Office of the CourtsRecords Unit
1001 Vandalay Drive
Frankfort, KY 40601
Last Verified:
Dec 29, 2022