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TC 94-152 Non-U.S. Citizen Application

This form allows a non-citizen to apply for a drivers license.

TC 94-152-Spanish Non-U.S. Citizen Application

The same application, but in Spanish.

TC 94-159 INS School Compliance

This form proves that you are complying with the INS school regulations.

TC 94-161 Religious Exemption Affidavit

This document allows you to refuse to supply your SSN for religious reasons.

TC 94-162 Voter Registration Declination Statement

You can decline from registering to vote when you get a drivers license by submitting this statement.

TC 94-167 Military Certification for Skills Test Exemption

If you have received military driving training, you can be exempted from the skills test with this form.

TC 94-169 Commercial Driver License Self-Certification

Commercial drivers can declare what sort of driving they will be doing with this document.

TC 94-175 Ignition Interlock Application

This form allows people to apply for an ignition interlock system.

TC 94-176 Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Physician Statement

This statement allows a physician to request an exemption to an ignition interlock system for one of their patients.

TC 94-179 Non-Resident Violator Compact

This form is used for non-residents that receive a ticket in Kentucky.

TC 94-180 55+ Driving Program Application

Senior citizens who wish to apply for Kentucky’s 55+ driving program must use this application.

TC 94-181 Religious Exemption Affidavit – Valid Without Photo

This affidavit allows people to get a license without a photo if they have religious reasons.

TC 94-182 Medical Review Affidavit

A physician can use this form to declare a driver unfit to operate a motor vehicle.

TC 94-186 Graduated License Program Application

This document allows young drivers to join the graduated license program and get their learner’s permit.

TC 94-187 Military Certification for Knowledge and Skills Test Waiver

This form allows a military-trained driver to request a waiver for both the knowledge and skills tests.

TC 94-189 Ignition Interlock Removal Request

This document allows drivers to request the removal of an ignition interlock system.

TC 94-195 Driver License History Record Request

This form allows you to request someone’s Kentucky driving history.

TC 94-1 Request for Driver Licensing Record That Includes Personal Information

Similar to the previous form, but this form is for people who are requesting a driving record that has the record holder’s protected personal information.

TC 94-14 Voluntarily Surrendered License Affidavit

This affidavit allows you to hand in your valid drivers license.

TC 94-30 Driver License – ID Card Application

This application can be used for both driver licenses and for non-driver ID cards.

TC 94-32 Commercial Driver License Application

This form allows someone to apply for a commercial driver license (CDL).

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