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Kentucky Selling a Vehicle

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The Basics of Selling A Vehicle in Kentucky

It is quite likely that you will sell a vehicle at some point in your Kentucky residency, just as is the case for most Kentucky residents. The process of selling a vehicle in Kentucky is fairly straightforward. After the buyer gives you the money for the vehicle, you will have to sign over the vehicle title to the buyer. This legally transfers the vehicle’s ownership from you to the buyer.

How to Sign Over the Vehicle Title in Kentucky

The process of signing over the vehicle title is relatively the same in many states. You and the buyer fill out the necessary information and you sign over the title to the buyer. However, in the state of Kentucky, you must have a notary present and sign the back of the title in the presence of this notary. After this, the buyer brings proof of Kentucky insurance, the title, proof of ID, and money for fees and applicable taxes to the local County Clerk’s office.

What Should You Do If You Lost the Vehicle Title?

You will need the vehicle title in order to sell a vehicle in the state of Kentucky. If you lose the vehicle title, this may complicate selling the vehicle, but there is a process you can follow. You can apply for a duplicate title at your county clerk’s office. You will need the following:

How to Transfer License Plates in Kentucky

There are quite a few states where you can transfer license plates. You can transfer personalized license plates in the state of Kentucky. Of course, you will have to pay a $25 personalized plate fee to your county clerk in order to obtain personalized license plates in the first place. You also have to get your request for personalized license plates approved. In order to transfer your personalized license plates, you will have to pay a $3 reissue fee to your county clerk. This covers the cost of the County Clerk assigning your personalized license plates to the correct vehicle.

Title/Registration Fees in Kentucky

As previously mentioned, you have to pay a $5 fee if you want to get a duplicate title in Kentucky. However, you will also have to pay the applicable taxes on your vehicle title in Kentucky. Check out this page for more information. You also have to pay fees for getting specific kinds of vehicle titles.

If you want to get your vehicle title within a few business days, you can do so. You will have to pay a $25 fee for this speed title and you will receive it in the mail on the following business day. You can also pick it up at the One Stop Shop after 11:00 AM Eastern Time.

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