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Louisiana Drivers License

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Ready to get your license? There are a few things you should know when you’re preparing to get behind the wheel. Here’s what you should expect.

Find a licensing center

To drive a vehicle in Louisiana, you do need to have a license. Teens who are applying for a license need to go through the graduated driver’s license program if they are under 18. Those who are over 18 can apply for a full driver’s license. To find a Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles near you, visit this page to search by parish or city.

Getting a license for the first time

Is it the first time you’re getting your driver’s license? Here’s what you should know about licensing in Louisiana.
Age 15
At the age of 15, you can get a learner’s permit in Louisiana. The learner’s permit allows for supervised driving practice with an adult who is at least 21 and who also has a license.
Age 16
At the age of 16, drivers may upgrade to the intermediate driver’s license. This allows them to drive while supervised at any time or unsupervised between 5:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. Only one passenger under the age of 21 is allowed in the vehicle unless an adult is present or the passengers are family members.
Age 17
At age 17, anyone can get a full, unrestricted license by passing the driving exam and road test.

Renewing your license

To renew your license with the OMV, you should go online. You can use the Louisiana Driver’s License Renewal service to enter the renewal information, authorize payment and submit the renewal. You can also go to an OMV in person to renew your license if you need to make changes in personal information or your address.

Do you need a REAL ID?

Since Louisiana does comply with the REAL ID Act of 2005, all new license applicants will receive a REAL ID. If you do not want a REAL ID for any reason, you will need to indicate that on your application.

Upgrade your probationary license

When you reach the age of 17, you can upgrade your probationary license to a full license. If you are 17, you will need to go to the local OMV with your parent or guardian to get your license.

Replace a lost or stolen license

If you have lost your license or believe it has been stolen, you should contact the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles. To apply for a duplicate license, you will need to go to the OMV in person and present proof that you have liability insurance. You will be matched to the latest photo of you on file for proof of identification. You can also present your passport or birth certificate.

The fee for a replacement is between $17 and $23, which may be paid in cash. Some parishes charge additional fees of up to $4.50.

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Aug 22, 2022