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Louisiana Selling a Vehicle

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Are you ready to sell your vehicle? If you are, there is a very specific process that you must go through to do so in Louisiana. Understanding the requirements will help you sell your vehicle more easily and be sure that you are no longer liable for any issues that the buyer may run into with the vehicle. Here is more information about handling the sale, your title transfer and your license plates.

Selling a Vehicle in Louisiana 101

Selling your vehicle in Louisiana can be a little tricky, but if you follow the steps, you can complete the transaction fairly quickly.

To sell your vehicle in Louisiana, you need to finish the notice of transfer and report the sale. The Office of Motor Vehicles will want information including:

  • The expiration date of your vehicle’s registration
  • Your vehicle’s identification number (VIN)
  • Your license plate number

You will need to complete a few forms for the Office of Motor Vehicles including:

    You can complete the notice of transfer through the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles online or do so in person.

    How to Sign Over the Title to the Buyer

    When you find a buyer for your vehicle, you will need to complete paperwork and sign over the title. When you assign the title to the buyer, you should fill out:

    • The selling price
    • Your signature (with notarization)
    • The date of the sale
    • A bill of sale (in some cases)

    You should inform the OMV of the vehicle sale as soon as possible, even though your buyer does have to notify the OMV and complete the title transfer process on their own.

    You can complete a notice of transfer online. To do this, fill out the online form with the following information:

    • The buyer’s name and address
    • The selling price
    • The date of the sale
    • The driver’s license number
    • The Vehicle Identification Number
    • The license plate number with expiration date information

    Remember, any paperwork you submit needs to be notarized if you go to the OMV in person. Notarization requires at least two witnesses.

    Replacing a Lost Title

    If you need to replace a lost or damaged title, you will have to pay $68.50 for the duplicate title as well as an $8 handling fee. You can apply for a copy of your title through the Office of Motor Vehicles by submitting the Vehicle Application form with the Duplicate Title Affidavit portion filled in. Make sure to get this notarized before mailing it in.

    Transferring License Plates

    When you sell your vehicle, you should transfer your license plates. You are able to destroy the plates yourself or may send them back to the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles by mail. You may also take back the plates in person. Never give a buyer your license plates, since they stay with you.

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