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Learner’s Permit Application

Applicants for a learner’s permit, regardless of age, file form MVE-64. The form is completed and mailed to the address on the form. A BMV official phones to make an appointment for the written test.

Eye Form

You can choose to have your eyes examined at a BMV branch office or have your personal eye doctor complete a form that describes your visual acuity. If you choose to use your personal eye doctor, the form to fill out is called the Eye Examination Form.

Duplicate Driver’s License

If you lose your driver’s license or identification card and need a new one, or if you change your name or address and want a new license or identification card, you fill out the Request for Duplicate Driver’s License or Identification Card form and mail it with your fee to the address on the top.

Permittee’s Driving Log

Teens and young adults who have a learner’s permit must log at least 70 hours of driving time, 10 of which must be at night before applying for an intermediate or juvenile provisional license. They submit a Driving Log form that lists the times they drove. On the chart, next to the log of each driving time, is a place for the signature of the supervising adult and their driver’s license number.

Duplicate Registration

If you’ve lost your vehicle registration card, you can request a duplicate online or through using Form MV-11 Request for a Duplicate Registration Card.

Duplicate Title

If you’ve lost your vehicle title, you request a new one by filling out Form MVT-8, Request to Re-issue a Certificate of Title. You cannot sell a vehicle without a title in Maine if the vehicle’s model year is 1995 or newer.

Bill of Sale

Maine requires the buyer to present a copy of the bill of sale before they can register and title their vehicle. While the seller and buyer can devise their own bill of sale form with the appropriate information (year, make, model, VIN, body type, price, odometer reading, and color), they also can use the template that BMV provides. That template is here.

Excise Tax Exemption

Maine requires payment of an excise tax to register a vehicle or to renew the registration on the vehicle. Active-duty military personnel stationed in Maine are exempt from the tax. They file form MV-7, the Active Duty Stationed in Maine Excise Tax Exemption to claim that exemption.

Plate Cancellation

When an individual sells a vehicle and doesn’t want to use the plates on another vehicle registered in their name or moves out of state, they need to cancel their license plates. They do this by filling out a form MVR-60 Plate Cancellation Request. They can mail the form with their plates or drop it off at a local branch or mobile office.

Disability Plates Application

Individuals who need a disability placard or plates request them by filling out an application for Disability Plates/Placard form. The form also requires that a medical professional indicate whether the disability is permanent or temporary and the type of disability or its symptoms.
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