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Maryland Address Change

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Maryland and all other states require new residents and existing ones to maintain current addresses on their driver’s licenses. Whether you are moving to Maryland and seeking a Maryland license for the first time or already are a resident and moved into a new home, the following information will help you to quickly and easily file for a change of address.

What Are the Basics?

When you move to Maryland or within the state, you need to inform the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) and make the change on your driver’s license. The state allows up to 60 days for new residents to surrender their out-of-state driver’s licenses and obtain a Maryland license. When people move within the state, they also have up to 60 days to make the change, although the state does process requests made beyond the 60-day mark.

How Do I Change My Address if I am Moving Within Maryland?

When a Maryland resident moves to a new permanent address within the state, he or she can change their residence on a driver’s license by going to a local MVA services center. An address change also can be obtained online and includes an option to obtain a new card. If the change of address involves a commercial driver’s license (CDL), the holder must go to an MVA service center. That helps to ensure the correct person is getting the CDL license. If only a change of address card is needed, the MVA can get it to you in four to six business days. If you need to replace your driver’s license as well as change the address, a $20 fee will apply. Otherwise, it is free to change your address online.
How Long Do I Have to Complete This?
Maryland generally allows up to 60 days for residents to change their address when moving within the state. The MVA will process address change requests after 60 days but will not forward mail to new addresses.

How Do I Change My Address if I am Moving to Maryland?

When you move to Maryland, you have to surrender your former state’s driver’s license and obtain a Maryland license at an MVA services center. Successful passage of a knowledge exam and a vision test might be required to obtain your Maryland driver’s license. You will have to take a new photo and possibly qualify for a REAL ID. If you have a CDL, you will need to obtain the Maryland CDL and surrender the old one, too.
How Long Do I Have to Complete This?
Anyone who moves to Maryland and does not surrender a driver’s license issued from another state within 60 days is in violation of state law. It is not a criminal offense, but the state will not send tax forms or other important documents to you until you establish your Maryland residency. The state will process changes of address for new residents beyond the 60-day mark.
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Aug 22, 2022