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Maryland DMV Locations

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The types of services that most people think of as a DMV service are provided through the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicles Administration (MVA). The MVA offers a variety of in-person, remote and third-party services for licensing, testing and inspections. The following information will help Maryland motorists to find the MVA services that they need the most.

Licensing Centers

The MVA offers licensing services at local MVA services centers located in most counties. Baltimore County and city have the most service centers. Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Somerset and Worcester counties are the only Maryland counties that do not have MVA services centers located within their respective boundaries. Others are located in nearby counties, though. The MVA only provides services to those who schedule appointments. The MVA does not accept walk-ins at any of its licensing centers.

Vehicle Test Centers

Maryland does not provide vehicle test centers for passenger vehicles. The MVA only requires emissions inspections for vehicles, which are done through approved third-party providers. The Maryland State Police’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division does inspect commercial vehicles primarily at various weigh stations. Those inspections mostly involve weights but also provide a quick safety check to ensure a big rig does not have an obvious problem that could make it dangerous while on Maryland roads.

Road Testing Locations

The Maryland MVA provides drivers with road testing so that they can obtain an initial driver’s license, add endorsements to their current driver’s licenses or obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL). The MVA provides a central scheduling system that enables motorists to schedule road tests to obtain additional driving privileges.

Inspections Locations

Maryland’s Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program is open 24 hours a day, but some locations might close for holidays. The state does not operate the emissions testing locations, but the MVA provides motorists with a link to current wait times for authorized emissions testing at sites across the state. The third-party inspectors will run a quick emissions test and electronically record the results so that the state knows right away. You also will receive a form acknowledging the test results.

Motorists also can use one of 10 conveniently located self-serve kiosks to complete emissions testing requirements to maintain and renew vehicle registrations. The inspections locations make it much easier for Maryland motorists to lawfully maintain their vehicles and registrations while also reducing potential smog or other environmental impacts.

Regional Services Centers

The MVA does not offer regional service centers. Maryland is compact enough that a center located in a relatively small county readily serves those located in a nearby county or community. The array of online services and third-party emissions inspections providers helps to spread out the workload while enabling more efficient and affordable delivery of services. If you do need to schedule an MVA appointment so that you can discuss an important matter, the online MVA scheduling system will help you to find the service center that is located closest to your home.

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