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Maryland Drivers License

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Maryland motorists must obtain state-issued driver’s licenses to drive legally and safely on state roadways. The Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles operates a graduated licensing system for new driver’s to help ensure they know and understand traffic laws and safety rules. Motorists also can add driving endorsements, such as motorcycle permits or commercial drivers licenses for commercial truckers and other professional drivers. The following information helps to illustrate Maryland’s licensing program and how to maintain, renew and replace when needed your Maryland-issued driver’s license.

Find a Licensing Center

The Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) operates several service centers across Maryland. Every county has at least one and many have several services centers. You can locate the one nearest to you to find the MVA licensing center in your area.

Getting a License for the First Time

Maryland requires prospective drivers to complete a graduated drivers licensing program. licensing for teens as well as adults requires successful completion of classroom and road training, followed by supervised driving for up to a year. Upon completing all steps to gain full driving privileges, teens and adults alike must successfully complete knowledge and vision tests at a local MVA service center and then can enjoy full driving privileges.

Renewing Your License

You can renew your Maryland driver’s license after receiving a renewal notice via mail. Upon receiving a renewal notice, you can schedule an appointment at an MVA services center to renew your license.

Do You Need a REAL ID?

Maryland residents can obtain a REAL ID-compliant driver’s license that includes an orange star in the upper right corner. The REAL ID-compliant driver’s license enables you to enter federal courthouses, board commercial aircraft and enter other federal facilities without providing other identification. Without a REAL ID, you need to carry a passport or other federally issued identification to enter the same restricted facilities.

Upgrade Your Probationary License

If you have a probationary license due to a graduated licensing system or for other matters – like moving violations, you can upgrade to a full license. To do so, you must schedule an appointment at a Maryland MVA services center and bring any required documents with you. Once you have paid any required fees, provided the MVA with any necessary documentation and paid any related fees, you can upgrade a probationary license to an unrestricted license.

Replace a Lost or Stolen License

If you have lost your Maryland driver’s license or have reason to think it was stolen, you can replace it easily. You can schedule an appointment at a local MVA services center and bring proof of identity to obtain a replacement. Acceptable proof includes a federally issued identification, like a passport, a utility bill in your name, and a Social Security card.

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