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Maryland Driving Record

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The Maryland Depart of Transportation (MDOT) Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) maintains driving records on all licensed drivers within the state. Those records are available for respective motorists and third parties with legitimate reasons for obtaining them.

How to Obtain Your Maryland Driving Record

Individuals and qualifying organizations cannot download the driving records or obtain them via email. The MVA only will mail driving records using the U.S. Postal Service.

Applying to Get the Driving Record

Individuals can obtain copies of their respective Maryland driving records by completing and submitting an online request. Individuals must provide their driver’s license number and date of birth. They also must pay a fee with either a credit card or a debit card when using the online MVA eServices portal. Prospective employers, auto insurers and similar organizations with valid and legal reasons to obtain driving records can apply for them.

Required Documentation

The MVA needs the respective driver’s license number to obtain the correct driving record. The individual applying for the record must be the licensed driver or an organization that lawfully can obtain driving records. The person completing the driving record request also must provide his or her driver’s license number, date of birth and either a credit card, debit card or checking account information to pay the respective fee.


Fee for Getting Your Driving Record and Payment Methods

The MVA charges a non-refundable $9 fee for a non-certified driving record and $12 for a certified driving record. The fee is payable with a check that provides the bank routing number, account number, the Maryland driver’s license number and date of birth of the person seeking the driving record.

Types of Driver Records

The MDOT maintains several types of driver records that serve different purposes. A vehicle registration record exists of vehicles titled and registered by individuals in Maryland and is different from a Maryland driving record. The vehicle registration record helps to track vehicle ownership and mileage over the years.

MDOT also maintains two types of driving records for residents who are licensed to drive in Maryland. A 3-year record only goes back the past three years. That record is the one that auto insurers use to determine current car insurance rates. So when you provide your driver’s license number to obtain insurance coverage, your insurer will seek a 3-year driving record.

The state also maintains full driving records for the entire time that someone is licensed to drive in Maryland. Both types of records provide requestors with information on any citations for moving violations and subsequent convictions. They also provide information on any suspensions, restrictions or additional driving privileges, like a motorcycle endorsement or a CDL.The state does not obtain or share driving records for individuals who are or were licensed in other states. Those driving records must be obtained from the respective state records keepers.

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