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Massachusetts has many different forms for drivers and individuals to fill out based on different circumstances, such as if someone passes away or can no longer drive safely due to medical reasons. From registering a title for the first time to seeking a placard to park in handicap spaces, there are forms for all of these activities and more. They are all available at Mass.gov.

Registration and Title Application

Massachusetts has a Registration and Title Application for the primary title on a vehicle. Complete this form to register or title your vehicle.

Affidavit of Surviving Spouse

If you are a surviving spouse and need to transfer or sell the decedent’s vehicle, use the Affidavit of Surviving Spouse form.

Renew/replace DL: Out of State for Extended Period

If you are out of the state for over a year or have not renewed your license on time with one year or longer already passed, then use the Learner’s Permit, Driver’s License and ID Card Application.

Out-of-State Verification Inspection Form

If you will be out of the state and unable to complete the state’s inspection, then you need to inform the RMV with the Out-of-State Verification Inspection Form.

Request for Personal Information in RMV Records

Fill out the Request for Personal Information in RMV Records to access your personal information in the RMV records. Public Driving Record Request forms are available for your driving record, and the Authorized Release of Personal Driving History/Full Certified Driving History is available for all other purposes.

Application for Disabled Parking

To apply for a disability placard or plate, fill out the Application for Disabled Parking.

License Surrender Affidavit for Medical Reasons

If you need to give up your license for medical reasons, complete the License Surrender Affidavit for Medical Reasons to voluntarily give up your driver’s license.

Application for Temporary Placards for Holders of Disability Plates

Complete the Application for Temporary Placards for Holders of Disability Plates if you want to request an additional placard on top of disability plates for your vehicle.

Rebate/Refund Application

Did you accidentally overpay for your license or another fee? Contact the RMV with the Rebate/Refund Application. They will return the overage to you once the form is completed and returned.

Class D & M Vision Screening Certificate

The Class D & M Vision Screening Certificate should be completed to waive the RMV administered vision screening. This needs to be completed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist within Massachusetts. The CDL Vision Screening Certificate is also available, as is an Application for Intrastate Medical Waivers to Operate Class A, B, or C Commercial Motor Vehicles.

Vehicle registration application

For a first-time application, use the Registration and Title Application form.
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Aug 22, 2022