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Michigan Address Change

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Where you live in Michigan makes a big difference. The address where you live affects potential local income taxation, whether or not your vehicles need to pass emissions testing, and the auto insurance rates that you pay. That is why state law requires all residents to file a change of address in a timely manner.

What Are the Basics?

When you have a Michigan driver’s license or state-issued ID and move within the state, you have to change your address to reflect your change in residence. If you move to Michigan from another state, you also need to change your address to establish your residency. Doing so will establish your residency and automatically registers you to vote.

How do I Change My Address if I am Moving Within Michigan?

The Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) provides residents with three ways to file a change of address. Residents can submit a change of address online, in person at a local SOS service center, or by mail. You will need to provide your new address and pay the service fee.

How Long do I Have to Complete This?

Michigan law requires residents to immediately change their addresses when the move within the state. There is no timeline to complete the change of address, so the state will process requests made long after moving as well as immediately.

How do I Change My Address if I am Moving to Michigan?

When you move to Michigan, you have to prove you have established your residence before you can change your address. Proof of residency includes a paycheck stub from an employer in Michigan that shows your current address. You also can provide a mortgage contract, rental agreement or a utilities bill showing the address for the new residence.

When you move to Michigan, you will need to obtain an entirely new driver’s license or state ID card. You will need to surrender your current state driver’s license before you can obtain a Michigan driver’s license. Those who already are licensed adults in other states can obtain a Michigan driver’s license without taking and passing knowledge and road skills tests.

A new resident to Michigan will have to complete a change of address and obtain a license at a Michigan SOS service center. Several service centers are located in every county, and the SOS provides a tool to locate the ones nearest to you.

How Long do I Have to Complete This?

The state of Michigan requires immediate notification of any new resident to the state. If you move to Michigan and do not obtain a Michigan driver’s license, you might be charged with a misdemeanor and fined. The Michigan SOS will process changes of address for new residents at any time so long as they can provide the required information to so and pay a small fee.

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Aug 22, 2022