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The Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) provides licensing and vehicle services for state residents. Several SOS services offices are located in every county in the state. Many services also are available online, at remote kiosks and through approved third-party providers. The following should help you to find where to go for the particular SOS services that you need fulfilled.

Licensing Centers

You must go to an SOS service center to obtain a new driver’s license in the state of Michigan. A convenient SOS appointment link lists the service centers near you and lets you schedule a time to obtain your driver’s license so that you can get in and out quickly.

SOS service center visits enable you to obtain a new license, renew or replace and change your address as needed. You also can take any required licensing tests, obtain a REAL ID, and apply for a disability placard.

Some licensing services are available online and at service kiosks. You can obtain renew your ID if no photo is required and change your address online or at an SOS Self-Service Station. A remote services kiosk also will let you add a motorcycle endorsement.

Vehicle Centers

Whether titling and registering a vehicle or selling it and turning in the license plate or obtaining a refund on the registration fee, all SOS services centers accept appointments to do so. You can schedule and SOS appointment up to six months in advance or the next day. You also can renew registrations online or at a self-service station or obtain a handicapper plate and placard.

Road Testing Locations

The Michigan Secretary of State does not operate road testing locations. Instead, it certifies third-party driver-testing businesses and authorizes them to provide road testing services. You can use the CARS eServices online tool to search for authorized driver education and testing businesses that are located near you. You can use a search function to find driver testing locations in your respective county.

Inspection Locations

Some vehicles require inspections in order to register them and obtain a license plate for use on public roads. The state provides a list of salvage inspectors by county that can provide vehicle inspection services for salvage vehicles and one-of-a-kind creations that came from the minds of those who built them.

The state of Michigan does not require vehicles to pass emissions testing to renew registrations. Many local governments, however, do. Because the Secretary of State does not require smog testing, it does not operate or license third party services providers. Michigan motorists who live in locales that require annual emissions testing can use search engines to locate respective smog check stations near them.

Regional Service Centers

The Michigan Secretary of State does not operate separate regional service centers that provide a range of services that are unavailable elsewhere. Because virtually all services are available at a wide range of local service centers, online and at remote kiosks, you can just use the branch office locator if you need to obtain services in person and in your area.

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