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Michigan Drivers License

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Find a Licensing Center

A new driver must obtain his or her first driver’s license from a Michigan Secretary of State service center. You can schedule an appointment online to obtain a new driver’s license and enter your zip code, county or city to find the nearest SOS licensing center. Appointments are available up to six months in advance up to the day prior. Walk-ins also are welcome.

Getting a License for the First Time

Michigan teen drivers to learn the rules of the road gradually and develop safe driving habits. A teen driver under the age of 18 must complete a three-tiered graduated driver license system to obtain full driving privileges in Michigan. The three-tiered system goes like this:
  • Level 1 License, which enables teens who are at least 14 years and 9 months of age to drive while supervised by a licensed adult over age 21.
  • Level 2 License, which is an intermediate license that enables teens who are at least 16 years old to drive with limitations on passengers and nighttime driving.
  • Level 3 License, which gives full driving privileges to teens who are over age 17 and successfully completed the first two levels of Michigan’s graduated driver license system.
An adult who wants to get his or her first driver’s license does not have to complete the graduated driver license system. Instead, adults must complete a state-certified driver education program for adults. Successful complete, which includes passing a road test and a knowledge test administered by the Michigan SOS will enable an adult to obtain full driving privileges. While they are learning to drive, adults can obtain a learner’s permit while completing the driver education training.

Renewing Your License

You can renew a Michigan driver’s license by mail, online, at a remote SOS Self-Service Station or at an SOS service center located near you. The state allows residents to renew early, while out of state, and even after a driver’s license has expired.

Do You Need a REAL ID?

As of May 23, 2023, Michigan resident will need either a REAL ID or a state driver’s license or state-issued ID plus at least one piece of federally issued identification, such as a passport. The REAL ID or acceptable combination of state and federal identification will be needed to board commercial flights, enter a military base, enter a federal courthouse or go into a nuclear energy plant.

Upgrade Your Probationary License

If you have a probationary license, you can upgrade it to a full driver’s license by scheduling an appointment at an SOS service center near you. You can schedule the appointment up six months in advance or the day before, if any appointment times are available.

Replace a Lost or Stolen License

If you lose your Michigan driver’s license or it is stolen, you can replace it by using your valid social security number and paying the requisite fees. You can replace a lost or stolen driver’s license online, at a self-service station or at a Secretary of State service center near you.

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