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Michigan Driving Record

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The Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) compiles and maintains driving records for residents who are licensed to drive in Michigan. The records show convictions for moving violations, any suspensions, revocations and reinstatements of driving privileges, and similar relevant individual histories of drivers who are licensed in Michigan. Those records are available for the respective drivers and entities conducting background checks.

How to Obtain Your Michigan Driving Record

Individuals can obtain copies of their respective driver histories by completing an online request for driving record. Motorists also can go to an SOS service center and request a driver history in person. A $12 fee applies.

Applying to Get the Driving Record

You will need to provide your identification to obtain your own driving record. If you are requesting the driving record for another driver, you will have to give the SOS a valid reason for doing so. Upon determining your reasons are legitimate, the SOS will enable you to obtain another driver history if you provide that person’s information.

You need to complete and submit a Non-Account & Individual Record Request form and include the fee. The form requires you to provide detailed information on why you are requesting a driving record, which is especially important when requesting another’s driving record. The form includes a checklist of acceptable purposes for which driver history records may be obtained.

The acceptable uses include:

  • Federal, state or local governmental agency use.
  • Civil, criminal or other legal investigation.
  • Motor vehicle research purposes.
  • Verifying the accuracy of information provided by individuals for legitimate business purposes.
  • Locating owners of abandoned vehicles and other titled property.

Because the form is for non-account holders, the up-to $12 fee must be paid in advance via a check or money order when requested by mail and credit card or debit card when requested online.

Required Documentation

The Michigan SOS requires the full name, Michigan driver’s license number and last known address to retrieve a driver history record. The state will need to know the reason for the request. If you also are seeking information on a vehicle history tied to the driver in question, you can provide the year, make, model and VIN number.

Fees for Getting Your Driving Record and Payment Methods

The state charges an $11 for requests made in person at a local SOS service center and $12 when mailed-in or requested online. Fees may be paid with a check, money order, debit card or a credit card. The fees are for each history request. So if you request a driver history and a vehicle history, you will have to pay the fee for each record.

Types of Driver Records

Like virtually all states, Michigan maintains three general levels of driver records. The Michigan SOS makes a three-year record that is available to auto insurers so that they can determine your eligibility for insurance coverage and the appropriate rate. A five-year record is available for job providers and others conducting background checks for job candidates and other legitimate reasons. Individuals also can obtain a full driver history that dates back about 11 years.

Last Verified:
Dec 29, 2022