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Minnesota Buying a Vehicle

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Getting a Vehicle Purchased From a Dealership Titled & Registered

It’s quite simple to get a title and registration for a vehicle that you buy from a dealership. Dealers in Minnesota will help you complete the necessary paperwork at the dealership, then submit this paperwork for you. This is the case for vehicles purchased from both new car dealerships and used car dealerships. The dealer will give you a temporary plate so that you can legally drive the vehicle until you get the permanent plate in the mail. This usually takes two to three weeks. If you purchased the vehicle outright, you will also receive the title around this time. If you financed the vehicle, the financier will keep the title until you have paid off the loan. If you lease the vehicle, the dealership will keep the title for the duration of the lease.

Getting a Vehicle Purchased From a Private Party Titled & Registered

If you purchase a vehicle from a private party, you must get the title and registration yourself. You can do this by completing the necessary paperwork with the seller. It is a good idea to complete this paperwork at a Deputy Registrar office, as you and the seller will be able to quickly resolve any problems pointed out by the staff.

Perhaps the most important part of the paperwork is the title. You will need the seller to sign over the title to you. The seller will likely need to submit a Report of Sale online, but you do not need to sign this document. If there is a lien on the title (the loan for the vehicle), you will need to have a signed lien release form. It may be simpler to avoid vehicles that have a lien on their titles.

Completing the Title

Completing the title is a little more complicated than simply signing it. Not only will both you and the seller sign the title, you will have to add your full name, date of birth, and address. You must ensure that the seller has completed the odometer disclosure and damage disclosure sections of the title.

Registering Your New Vehicle

Once you’ve completed the title, all you have to do is submit it to the staff at the Deputy Registrar office. You should also make sure that the previous owner does not take the vehicle’s license plates, as the plates stay with the vehicle in Minnesota. Once you submit the completed title and your ID, you will have to pay the applicable fees to register the vehicle, as well as the sales tax.

Paying the Applicable Fees

You will have to pay title fees, sales tax, and registration fees to complete the process. The title fees in Minnesota include:

  • Title Fee: $8.25
  • Each lien recorded: $2
  • Transfer tax: $10
  • Public Safety Vehicle Fee: $3.50
  • Filing Fee: $10

The sales tax is 6.5% of the purchase price.

The registration fees include:

  • Wheelage: $10 – $20 (if applicable)
  • Filing Fee: $7
  • Technology Surcharge: $2.25
  • A registration tax that varies based on the vehicle’s age and value.
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Dec 29, 2022