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Minnesota Drivers Education

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Minnesota has a fairly extensive driver education system for both new and veteran drivers. Young drivers can benefit from the state’s graduated license program, which ensures that they have plenty of experience behind the wheel before they receive their full licenses. Veteran drivers can enroll in traffic school to avoid getting points on their licenses due to a ticket. Read on to learn more about driver education in Minnesota.

The Driving Tests in Minnesota

In Minnesota, as in most other states, there are three types of tests that drivers must pass in order to get their licenses. The first type is a vision test. Minnesota drivers must pass a vision test in order to get their license. If they wear glasses or contacts to take the vision test, this will be noted on their license and they will have to wear glasses or contacts when driving. Minnesota drivers must also pass a knowledge test, which is a written exam that covers road rules. Finally, drivers in Minnesota must also pass a skills test, which is a driving test on public roads.

Minnesota’s Graduated License Program

Minnesota’s graduated license program has three phases: instruction permit, provisional license, and full license. All first-time drivers in Minnesota must complete this program. However, drivers that are 18 or older will only need to successfully complete the provisional license and full license phases.

In Minnesota, you have to be 15 to get an instruction permit. You must also be enrolled in driver education. To get an instruction permit, a young driver must pass a knowledge test and a vision test. The instruction permit allows a young driver to drive in the company of a licensed driver who is 21 or older.

After driving for six months with an instruction permit, you can take the skills test. If you pass, you can get a provisional license. A provisional license restricts its holder from driving at night or with multiple passengers.

After the driver has held their provisional license for a year without getting more than one ticket or any more serious traffic violations, they can get their full license. They do not have to take the road test at this point, as they already passed the road test when applying for their provisional license.

Traffic School in Minnesota

Drivers in Minnesota can take a driving course if they have received a ticket and want to keep points off their license. If they have committed a major violation like a hit and run, the court may require them to complete a driving course. Also, some people choose to go to traffic school because their insurance company offers a discount.

Additional Driver Education in Minnesota

Minnesota has a special driving education program for seniors 55 and older. They can complete an accident prevention course for an insurance discount. There are several state-approved accident prevention courses located throughout Minnesota.

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Aug 23, 2022