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Minnesota Drivers License

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Finding a Minnesota Licensing Center

Minnesota has many Driver’s License Offices scattered throughout the state. If you need to take a skills (road) or knowledge (written) test, you will have to go to a Driver’s License Office that offers an Exam Station. The knowledge test can also be taken at home in the presence of a proctor, who must be a Minnesota-licensed driver who is 21 or older.

How First-Time Drivers Can Obtain a License

Once a young driver has completed the requirements for their instructional permit, they can get a provisional license. They must be at least 16 to do so. They also must have had an instructional permit for at least six months, have passed a driver’s education course, and have logged at least 50 hours of driving in the presence of a licensed driver who is 21 or older. They must not have had a single moving violation during the time they had their instructional permit. If they meet all of these requirements, they can take the road test. If they pass, they can get a provisional license. Drivers with a provisional license are restricted from driving at night or with multiple passengers.

Renewing a Minnesota License

Minnesota offers drivers an online portal that allows them to quickly and easily renew their licenses. The online portal can only be used by drivers who do not have to make any changes to the info on their licenses. They can also renew their licenses at Driver’s License Offices. The fee is $32. You can pay with a debit or credit card online, though some offices only accept personal checks and cash.

Real IDs

Real IDs are not required, but it is a good idea to get a Real ID-compliant Minnesota license. Starting in 2023, regular driver’s licenses will not be accepted at airports. You must submit either a Real ID or a passport.

Upgrading a Provisional License

If you have completed 12 months of driving with a provisional license and you have no more than one moving violation and no other traffic violations, you can upgrade to a full license. This license will not have any restrictions on when or with whom you can drive. Your first full license will expire on your 21st birthday.

Replacing a Stolen or Lost License

If your Minnesota license has been lost or stolen, you will need to get a duplicate as soon as possible. Unlike many other states, Minnesota does not offer drivers the opportunity to get a duplicate license online. You must go to a Driver’s License Office in person to obtain your duplicate license. You can complete a Pre-Application online before you go to an office, as this may result in faster service. They will use the driver’s license photo on file to verify your identity. If they cannot verify your identity using the photo, you will have to submit additional documentation, such as a passport.

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Aug 23, 2022