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Minnesota Driving Record

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Getting a Minnesota Driving Record

In Minnesota, as in all states, driving histories are a matter of public record. That means that it is fairly easy to get a copy of your driving record or even of someone else’s driving record. However, Minnesota actually makes it a bit more difficult than some other states. There is no online portal for requesting a driving record. You must request the record via mail or in person. Also, if you are requesting someone else’s driving record you must have a valid, documented reason for your request.

The Application for a Minnesota Driving Record

The application form for a Minnesota driving record is similar to the applications for other states. You must provide your own name and a copy of your driver’s license, another government-issued ID, or a notarized signature. You also need to provide the full name and driver’s license number of the record holder. As previously mentioned, you need to either have the record holder’s permission or a valid, documented reason to obtain someone else’s driving record in Minnesota. Valid reasons for obtaining someone else’s driving record include official government business, a legal case, notifying someone that their vehicle has been towed, and statistical research.

Required Documents

In addition to the application itself, several supporting documents may be required. The requestor may be required to submit a copy of their own driver’s license or other government-issued identification. Also, the requestor may be required to submit documentation that proves they have a valid reason for obtaining someone else’s driving record. For example, a public safety researcher working for a university may have to submit their university credentials and information about the research they are doing to obtain someone’s Minnesota driving record.

Fees & Payment Methods for Obtaining a Driving Record in Minnesota

Minnesota charges small fees for people obtaining a driving record. These fees are as follows:

  • Non-certified copy (5-year record, infractions only): $9 for record holder; $9.50 for third party
  • Certified copy (full Minnesota history): $10 for record holder; $10.50 for third party
  • Certified copy and license issuance date letter: $10 for record holder; $10.50 for third party

These fees can be paid via check or money order. Offices may accept debit and credit cards for in-person requests.

Types of Driving Records

Minnesota offers three types of driving records. The most common type is a non-certified copy. A non-certified copy only includes the person’s infractions (tickets) from the last five years. If you want a more complete driving history, you must get a certified copy. A certified copy shows someone’s full driving history in Minnesota. Minnesota also offers the option to get a license issuance date letter along with a certified copy. A license issuance date letter provides proof of the date someone first received a driver’s license in Minnesota.

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Dec 29, 2022