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Minnesota Traffic Tickets

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The Basics of Traffic Violations in Minnesota

Unlike most other states, Minnesota does not use a points system. Instead, the Minnesota law sets limits for the number of traffic violations that you are allowed to have in a 5-year period before your license is suspended. The number varies depending on the type of violation. For example, you are allowed to have several moving violations without your license being suspended, while getting caught, while your license may get suspended after a single conviction of a more serious traffic violation. Read on to learn more about the traffic violation system in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Traffic Violations System

The Minnesota traffic violation system includes increasing suspension lengths if you continue to accumulate violations. The Minnesota traffic law for more serious traffic offenses like reckless driving classifies these violations as misdemeanors or gross misdemeanors. Here are the possible suspensions for committing misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor traffic violations:

  • One conviction in 12 months: No suspension
  • Two convictions in 12 months: No suspension
  • Three convictions in 12 months: 30-day suspension
  • Four convictions in 12 months: 90-day suspension
  • Five or more convictions in 12 months: 1-year suspension


There are also stiff penalties for petty misdemeanor traffic offenses, which can include minor traffic violations like speeding or running a red light. These penalties are:

  • Up to three offenses in 12 months: No suspension
  • Four offenses in 12 months: 30-day suspension
  • Five offenses in 12 months: 90-day suspension
  • Six offenses in 24 months: 90-day suspension
  • Seven offenses in 24 months: 180-day suspension
  • Eight or more offenses in 24 months: 1-year suspension

How Long Traffic Violations Stay On Your Record

Traffic violations stay on your Minnesota driving record permanently. However, there are time limits for getting your license suspended due to an accumulation of offenses. All the offenses in a 12-month period count toward a possible license suspension for misdemeanors or gross misdemeanors. For petty misdemeanors, all offenses within a 24-month period count toward a possible license suspension. The time period starts with the date of the first offense, not the date of the conviction.

Getting a Suspended License Reinstated In Minnesota

If your license gets suspended in Minnesota, you can get it reinstated after a set length of time. In addition to waiting for the set period of time, you must pay all required fines. A judge may also order you to attend traffic school.

Minnesota Traffic Fines

If you receive a ticket for a traffic violation in Minnesota, you have two options. You can either pay the ticket or contest the ticket. If you choose to pay the ticket, the fine that you will have to pay can vary widely, depending on the specific violation and the jurisdiction that the violation occurred in. If you contest the ticket, you will have to go to court and provide evidence that supports your case. Keep in mind that a judge will often impose stiffer penalties if you contest a ticket and lose than if you simply paid the ticket immediately.

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