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Mississippi Address Change

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The Basics of Changing Your Address in Mississippi

If you are moving to a new address in Mississippi and you have a valid driver’s license and vehicle registration, you need to update your address with the state’s Department of Public Safety (DPS). You have to do this within 7 business days. You must do so whether you are a current Mississippi resident who is simply moving to a new residence in the state or moving from another state to Mississippi. Read on to learn more about how to change your address in Mississippi.

Changing Your Address If You’re Moving Within Mississippi

If you move within Mississippi, you have to get a new driver’s license with your updated address on it. Some states allow you to retain the same driver’s license while updating your address in their records, but Mississippi does not allow this.There are two ways that you can get a new license with your updated address on it: getting a duplicate license or renewing a license. Both of these services can be accessed online through the DPS portal.

Getting a Duplicate License Online

Obtaining a duplicate license through the portal is easy. First, you have to submit your personal info (legal name, date of birth, driver’s license number). Next, you must submit your new address. Keep in mind that your new address cannot be a post office box. Before you finalize your application for a duplicate license, you can register to vote or change your organ donor status.

The basic fee is $24. There is a $1.50 shipping and handling charge as well as a convenience fee that varies based on the total amount. These charges can be paid with a debit or credit card.

Renewing Your License Online

Renewing your license online has a similar process to getting a duplicate license online. Even the fees and payment methods are the same. Keep in mind that you can only renew your license online if it is about to expire. If your license is not due to expire for a long time, you must get a duplicate.

Changing Your Address If You’re Moving From Another State

You can change the address on your driver’s license when you move to Mississippi by simply getting a new license. You must get a new license in person at a Driver’s License Office. Getting a new license requires a great deal of documentation, including:

  • Valid license from another state
  • Birth certificate
  • Social Security card
  • Two proofs of residency (utility bill, bank statement, lease, Mississippi Car Tag receipt)

Who to Contact If You Have Questions

If you have questions about the address change process, you must contact the Mississippi Department of Public Safety. Their number is (601)987-1212, and they take calls from Monday to Friday.

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