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Mississippi Buying a Vehicle

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Getting a Car Bought From a Dealership Registered & Titled

If you purchase a vehicle from a dealership in Mississippi, as in all other states, the dealership will take care of the title and registration paperwork for you. You may be required to sign some of the forms while you are at the dealership, but the employees will actually take care of filing it. You will be issued a temporary plate by the dealership once you’ve wrapped up the purchase. Your permanent plate will arrive in the mail in two to three weeks.

If you have paid cash for your vehicle, you will also receive the title in the mail at about this time. However, the title will stay with the dealership if you have financed or leased the vehicle. If you financed your vehicle and you pay off the loan, you will receive the title in the mail at that point. Until then, the bank will keep the title as security against your loan. If you lease a vehicle, the dealership still owns it, so they keep the title.

Getting a Car Bought From a Private Seller Registered & Titled

When you purchase a vehicle in Mississippi, you have to register it with the Department of Revenue (DoR). To do this, you will need the seller to sign over the title In addition to the signed title, you will also need to obtain an odometer disclosure form from the seller. You do not need a bill of sale in Mississippi if the purchase price is recorded on the title (which it should be).

Filling Out a Mississippi Car Title

Filling out a Mississippi car title is pretty much the same as filling out a car title in any other state. The most important thing is to make sure that the seller signs the form. You will also need them to record the date of sale, purchase price, their full legal name, the make, model, and year of the vehicle, and their full legal name. You should only have to print, sign, and date the title.

The Mississippi Car Registration Application Process

To register your vehicle in Mississippi, you have to go to the Tax Collector office in your county. You only have seven business days to register a vehicle in the state, which is fewer than the majority of other states. The license plates do not stay with the vehicle in Mississippi. You will have to turn in the title and odometer disclosure as well as paying the required fees.

Paying the Required Fees

The basic registration fee for a passenger vehicle in Mississippi is only $14. However, you will also have to pay sales tax. The amount of sales tax that you have to pay varies widely depending on the value of your vehicle and the county in which you are registering it.

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