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Application for Mississippi Motor Vehicle Records

You will find that there are many reasons that you might need a motor vehicle record in the state of Mississippi. You might need it if you are trying to ensure that your motor vehicle records are all up to date. Additionally, in the event that you get into an accident, you will probably want to request your Mississippi motor vehicle records, as well. In any case, you can request these records by filling out the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Records Disclosure Form and submitting it to the Mississippi Department of Revenue.

Application for Replacement Certificate of Title

It is important you have the title for your vehicle in any state in the United States. Of course, this includes the state of Mississippi. However, it is possible that you could lose the title of your vehicle. If you do and you need a new certificate of title, you can request one from the Mississippi Department of Revenue. You should know that the original title becomes void once you are issued the replacement certificate of title. You can get a replacement title by completing the Application for Replacement Certificate of Title.

After that, you should mail the completed Application for Replacement Certificate of Title to the following address:

Mississippi Department of RevenueMotor Vehicle Services P.O. Box 1383 Jackson, MS 39215-1383

Affidavit of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle

There are many things that go into buying and selling a motor vehicle in the state of Mississippi. One of these things is that you have to transfer ownership of the motor vehicle if you sell it to someone else. However, you may not be able to surrender the current Certificate of Title for the motor vehicle you just sold for various reasons. If this is the case, you should fill out the Affidavit for Ownership of Motor Vehicle and submit it to the above Mississippi Department of Revenue address as well. You should also keep in mind that you have to disclose the odometer reading in order to complete this form fully and completely.

Application for Mississippi Driver’s License

As in any state, you have to be issued a Mississippi driver’s license in order to legally operate a vehicle in that state. If you are a non-commercial driver and are applying for a driver’s license when you are 18 or older, you will get a Class R non-commercial driver’s license. You will first have to pass all of the required exams, including the road exam, in order to get your driver’s license. However, you also have to fill out and submit the Application for Mississippi Driver License.

Disabled Parking Application

If you require a disabled parking permit or a disabled license plate, you will have to fill out an application. A licensed physician or nurse will have to certify that you meet the requirements in order to qualify as disabled under the application’s terms. You can find the Disabled Parking Application here and you should fill it out so you can get the disabled parking permit you need.

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