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Mississippi Insurance

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Mississippi requires that all drivers carry auto insurance whenever they are operating a motor vehicle on a public road in the state. While there are many types of car insurance, the state only requires that you carry property damage liability and personal injury liability insurance. You can certainly carry other types of insurance like uninsured motorist coverage if you want.

The Legal Minimums for Auto Insurance Coverage in Mississippi

The legal minimums for auto insurance coverage in Mississippi include:

  • $25,000 personal injury liability coverage for injuries to one person and $50,000 personal injury liability coverage for injuries to two or more people
  • Property damage liability insurance coverage of $25,000

Personal injury liability coverage is how much your insurance will pay for the expenses that others incur if you injure them with your vehicle. It does not cover your own medical bills in the event of an accident. Property damage liability coverage is how much your insurance will pay for the property damage costs they suffer from your vehicle. It does not cover damage to your own vehicle or other property.

Your Insurance Card

You must have your insurance card with you at all times when you are driving. Most drivers find it easiest to keep the insurance card in their glove compartment. Keep in mind that your insurance “card” does not actually need to be printed on cardstock. You can print your insurance card on a regular piece of computer paper. However your insurance card is printed, it needs to have some basic information on it. This information may include:

  • Your full legal name
  • The name of your insurance company
  • Your insurance company’s address
  • Your insurance company’s phone number
  • The make, model, and year of your vehicle
  • The body type and color of your vehicle
  • Your vehicle’s VIN
  • Your policy number
  • The coverage limits of your policy
  • The insured drivers on the policy

Carrying Proof of Insurance

As previously mentioned, Mississippi law requires that you carry proof of insurance at all times. This is because you may be asked to produce proof of insurance any time that you are stopped by a law enforcement officer. Also, you will need your insurance card if you are ever involved in an accident. While not carrying your proof of insurance will certainly get you into less trouble than not having insurance at all, you still might have to pay a fine if you don’t have your card.

Insurance Fraud in Mississippi

In Mississippi, insurance fraud is considered a misdemeanor if the amount fraudulently gained is less than $500 or a felony if the amount gained is more than $500. Lying on a car insurance application is a form of insurance fraud.

Reporting Insurance Fraud in Mississippi

To report insurance fraud in Mississippi, call the Insurance Integrity Enforcement Bureau of the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office at 888-528-5780.

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Dec 29, 2022