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Mississippi Traffic Tickets

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The Basics of Traffic Tickets in Mississippi

Mississippi is one of a handful of states that does not use a point system for traffic violations. Instead, they have harsher penalties for each successive violation. Drivers who receive multiple violations within a set period may have to pay stiff fines or even face a suspension. It is important that you learn the details of the Mississippi traffic violation system so that this does not happen to you.

The Mississippi Traffic Violation System

As previously mentioned, Mississippi doesn’t use a points system. However, their traffic violation system ends up working much like a points system. It should be noted that every traffic violation in Mississippi goes on your driving record. Your driving record can be seen by potential employers, so this is one reason to drive legally (in addition to having to pay fines). Also, Mississippi will suspend a driver’s license if they get too many violations in a 12-month period. The number of violations varies depending on the offence. A DUI, for example, will result in a suspension of between 90 days and one year after a driver’s first conviction. You can get four or five speeding tickets in a year before your license will get suspended. If you are convicted of reckless driving three times in 12 months, your license will be suspended.

How Long Traffic Violations Stay On Your Record in Mississippi

One of the main deterrents to unsafe driving in Mississippi is the fact that every speeding ticket goes on your driving record. These speeding tickets will stay on your record indefinitely. This could jeopardize a job offer or make it difficult to get a driving-related license (CDL, chauffeur license, etc.). However, it should be noted that the standard Mississippi driving record only shows activity from the last several years. Only the certified driving record shows your entire driving history in the state. A prospective employer doing a background check will only see the standard record, not the certified record. Thus, your traffic violations become less visible after several years (though they are still on the record).

Driver’s License Suspensions

If you get your driver’s license suspended in Mississippi, you will receive a notice from the state. If you haven’t received a notice but you think that your license may have been suspended, you can check on the portal. If it has been suspended, you should eventually get notice in writing. This notice should list the reason for your suspension, the length of the suspension, the conditions of the suspension, and what you have to do to lift the suspension.

It’s possible that your license suspension will actually allow you limited driving privileges. Usually, you will be allowed to drive to work or school. However, not all suspensions allow this. You will need to comply with all of the conditions of your license suspension and pay any applicable fines to get your license back.

Fines for Mississippi Traffic Tickets

As in other states, the fine for a ticket in Mississippi can vary widely based on the jurisdiction and the offense. The standard court assessment fee for a ticket in Mississippi is $90.50, though this does not reflect the total of all the charges incurred due to a speeding ticket.

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