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Missouri Drivers Education

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To be able to drive in Missouri, you will need a driver’s license. Teens have a slightly different path to getting a license than first-time drivers over the age of 18. While teen drivers have to go through the graduated driver’s licensing program, adult drivers do not need to complete the GDL. If you violate traffic laws once you get your license, you may be asked to retrain with a driver improvement program, which may be necessary to retain your license after an offense.

Testing and Preparing to Drive

When you turn 15, you can get a learner’s permit in Missouri. This is a part of the graduated driver licensing program that the state runs. The learner’s permit is good from 15 to 16. At 16, drivers are eligible for an intermediate class F license. Then, at 18, they may apply for a full driver’s license, also class F. For motorcycles, drivers need to get a Class M license. Once you turn 18, you do not need to have a learner’s permit before applying for your license. However, if you’re under 18, you will need to apply for the learner’s permit, get an intermediate license and then apply for your full license at a later date. This is because young drivers need to complete the graduated driver’s licensing program in full. Remember, you will need to pass a driving test regardless of when you decide to start driving. This test proves that you understand the rules of the road and can be behind the wheel safely.

Getting Your First Driver’s License

You will need to take a written test, vision test, and road sign test before you can get your license to drive. Once you pass these tests, you will receive the form DOR-100, Driver Examination Record. This record will be submitted to the Missouri Department of Revenue in exchange for your first license. When you visit the office, remember that you will need:
  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your place of birth
  • Proof of residency
  • The fee for your driver’s license, which is $13.50 for three years or $19.50 for six years.
When you order your license, you should receive it within 10 business days. It is mailed to you from the DOR.

Defensive Driving Courses

There are several defensive driving courses that you can take to better understand your vehicle and safety on the roads. You may be ordered to take this course if you have violated traffic laws or been involved in an accident. The National Safety Council has both eight-hour and four-hour courses used as driver improvement programs. These classes are certified and classroom-based. The DDC-8 class, the eight-hour course, is appropriate if you have a traffic violation in Missouri and need to have driving improvement training.

Even if you have not violated the law, many insurance companies will offer a reduction in your insurance fees if you take one of these courses to improve your driving skills.

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Aug 24, 2022