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Driver’s License Application Forms

Montana has two driver’s license application forms based on the age of the applicant. One is for those 18 or older. The other is for minors. Related to the driver’s license application form for minors is the Graduated Driver Licensing Parent/Guardian Certification Form to attest to the readiness of the young person to have a driver’s license.

Driver Record Release Forms

To request a copy of your driving record or someone else’s, fill out a Driving Record Request Form. If you are requesting someone else’s record, they must sign the accompanying form giving you permission.

Change of Address

To let the Montana MVD know your new address, you’ll fill out a Change of Address for Driver’s License or ID Card Form. This changes your address electronically. To obtain a new driver’s license, you’ll also need to file for a replacement license.

Replacement License

If you’ve lost or damaged your license, or if you’ve changed your address and need a new license, you’ll need to obtain a replacement. You do that by using a Mail-In Replacement License Form.

Driver’s License Renewal Form

In general, someone can renew their driver’s license by mail every other renewal. To do that, you fill out and submit a Mail-in-Renewal-Standard Driver License Form.  

Title Application Forms

When a vehicle owner is applying for a title for a new vehicle or one bought out and titled of state, they use an Application for Certificate of Title Form. A vehicle owner who has lost their copy of the title may obtain a replacement copy by filing an Application for Replacement Certificate of Title.

Bill of Sale

A Bill of Sale can be used along with the Replacement Certificate of Title to allow a buyer to transfer the title electronically if both buyer and seller are from Montana and the car was originally titled in Montana.

Release of Security Interest Form

A car owner also fills out the Release of Security Interest Form when a loan on a vehicle has been fully paid, so the lien can be removed from the motor vehicle record.

Military Registration Form

Montana residents who are active-duty military personnel may register and title their vehicles by paying a small registration fee only. To receive that privilege, they fill out an Application for Military Registration.

Personalized License Plate Forms

Montana allows owners to choose from a variety of specialized plates and to personalize them. If you want a personalized license plate, you file an Application for Personalized License Plate Form.

Disability Plates and Placards

Those who need long-term or temporary disability plates and placards fill out the Disability Permit/License Plates Form. A medical professional must certify that the individual needs the designation and specify the time period up to three years.
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