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Nebraska Address Change

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Nebraska requires its current and new residents to maintain current residential addresses on their driver’s licenses and state-issued ID cards. The correct address will help you to vote in the correct elections and help the state to better track population densities across the state. Whenever moving to a new home or when someone moves to Nebraska, he or she must file for a change of address and obtain a Nebraska driver’s license or ID card.

What Are the Basics?

Nebraska requires current and future residents to maintain their correct residential addresses while residing in the state. The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) processes all requests for address changes made by current and new state residents.

How do I Change My Address if I am Moving Within Nebraska?

Current Nebraska residents can change their respected residential addresses either online or at a local DMV driver licensing office. To use the online service to change your residential address, you must:

  • Have a Class O license for a private passenger vehicle, a Class M license for a motorcycle or a Nebraska-issued ID card.
  • Have not changed your name since the last time you obtained a Nebraska license or ID card.
  • Have not requested more than two driver’s license replacements during the past five years.

Online requests for changes of address must include two forms of proof, including a recent account statement from a bank, a pay stub showing the new address or a copy of the mortgage or lease agreement. Online requests must be paid with a credit card or a debit card and include a valid email address and phone number.

Those who choose to change their addresses at a DMV licensing center must provide proof of the new address and submit a completed Operators License-ID data form. One form of acceptable proof of identification and two forms of acceptable proof of address verification are required.

The Nebraska DMV charges $15,50 in combined fees to process changes of address and issue replacement licenses and state ID cards.

How Long do I Have to Complete This?

Nebraska requires current residents and new ones to initiate a change of address within 60 days of the move-in date at the new address. The DMV will process address change requests beyond the 60-day period, too.

How do I Change My Address if I am Moving to Nebraska from Another State?

Anyone who moves to Nebraska from another state must go to a Nebraska DMV licensing services location to obtain a Nebraska driver’s license with a new residential address listed. The DMV will require the same proof of residency and identification as it would of a current resident who simply is changing an address. Because a new resident does not have an existing Nebraska driver’s license, he or she cannot obtain an initial driver’s license or file for a change of address online. It only can be done in person at a local Nebraska DMV licensing center.

A fee applies to obtain the new license with the new address listed. You can pay the fee in person using a credit card, debit card, check or money order. The DMV does not accept cash payments.

How Long do I have to Complete This?

New residents have up to 60 days to file for a change of address and obtain a Nebraska driver’s license. The Nebraska DMV will process address change requests made after the 60-day period.

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