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Nebraska Criminal Record

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The Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) has a Criminal Identification Division that maintains records of criminal convictions in Nebraska courts. The NSP makes those records available to the general public under certain circumstances. When a request comes with a valid reason, the NSP will provide a record of an individual’s criminal convictions in the state.

What are Criminal Records?

Anyone convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony in a state-level Nebraska court has a record of that criminal conviction on file with the NSP. Respective courts have more detailed accounts of the actual court proceedings and any trials that might have occurred. If the final verdict finds the individual guilty of a misdemeanor or a felony, that conviction becomes part of that person’s criminal record in Nebraska.

The criminal records are only for state-level convictions in Nebraska and are not comprehensive reports of an individual’s potential criminal convictions in federal courts or in other states. The NSP only maintains records of convictions within the state.

How are Criminal Records Used?

Criminal records typically are used by those with a legitimate reason to conduct background checks. The individuals to whom the records pertain also can obtain copies of their respective criminal records in Nebraska. Prospective employers, community associations, lenders and others all have legitimate reasons to ensure the people with whom they might soon work with very closely are not potential threats.

Criminal records are not accessible to just anyone. Whoever makes the request must have a proper reason and obtain written permission from the individual. That typically happens when applying to a job, obtaining a home in a managed community or other situations. The applications typically have language addressing criminal background checks and ask the applicant to sign to affirm his or her approval to be subject to a criminal background check.

How Could Someone Access Your Records?

Individuals and organizations have three ways in which they can obtain a criminal record pertaining to you in Nebraska. Those are:

  • Placing an online request and paying a $15.50 fee.
  • Filling out a Criminal History Record Request and submitting it along with a $12.50 fee at an NSP Criminal Identification Division office.
  • Complete the criminal history record request form and mail it along with the $12.50 fee to the Criminal Identification Division.

All fees must be paid in advance using a debit card, credit card, personal check or an existing NSP account. Some organizations that hire often, take in many residents or otherwise legitimately conduct several background checks every year might have an account that covers the fees and speeds up the process.

How Could You Request a Criminal Record?

Anyone can request a copy of his or her personal criminal record in Nebraska by going to the online portal or downloading and completing the request form and mailing it in or visiting the NSP Criminal Identification Division office. You only can request another person’s criminal record with permission from that individual. The $12.50 fee still applies when obtaining your own criminal record.

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Dec 29, 2022