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Nebraska DMV Forms

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Nebraskans can download, print and complete a variety of Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) forms related to private property ownership, registrations and use. The following are some of the more commonly sought and used forms at the Nebraska DMV and elsewhere.

Universal Title Application

You can download, print and fill out a Nebraska Application for Certificate of Title and submit it along with a $10 fee at a local DMV service center. You can pay the fee with a check, money order, cashier’s check, credit card or a debit card.

Affidavit of Surviving Spouse

A surviving spouse or other family member can file an affidavit for Transfer of Real Property without probate to transfer ownership of property from a deceased spouse or other family member.

Renew/Replace DL – Out of State for an Extended Period

Residents who temporarily are located out of state can renew or replace a lost driver’s license by downloading, completing and mailing in an Out of State License Renewal/Replacement form along with the requisite fee and acceptable forms of identification. Out-of-state residents also can renew or replace a lost driver’s license online.

Title and Register a Vehicle While Temporarily Located Out of State

The same Application for Certificate of Title used by in-state residents also enables those temporarily located out of state to buy, title and register vehicles. You must download the form and mail it to the respective county treasurer where your Nebraska residence is located.

Driver History Abstract Request

Nebraska residents and qualifying individuals and organizations can obtain copies of individual driving records by completing and submitting an application for a Copy of Driving Record and paying a $7.50 fee. The completed form and fee must be mailed to the location indicated on the application. You also can request a driving record online.

Wheelchair Symbol Plate/Placard Application

Qualifying individuals can apply for and obtain a wheelchair symbol plate/placard by making an online request or by filling out and mailing in an Application for Handicapped Parking Permit along with the fee to the address indicated. The plate/placard enables individuals to park in spots designated for handicapped drivers.

Wheelchair Symbol Plate/Placard Checklist

The application for the parking permit for handicapped drivers and passengers includes a checklist of qualifying conditions. A licensed doctor, nurse or other medical professional must affirm the qualifying condition and sign the form.

Refund Application

Whenever you transfer the title on a registered vehicle, you might be entitled to a refund of the balance on the registration fee. You can download an Application for Refund and submit it to the DMV for any refund of registration fees that you might be owed.

Next-of-Kin Registry Application

Nebraska does not have a next-of-kin registry. State residents who want to register as a next-of-kin can do so with the national next-of-kin registry. The registry can help with any probate proceedings following the death of a spouse or family member.

Physician Certification for Blind or Disabled Person, Non-Driver ID Application

The application for handicapped plate/placard enables non-drivers who are handicapped or legally blind to obtain a non-driver ID that enables their drivers to use handicapped parking. It includes a physician certification to affirm the qualifying condition.

Vehicle Registration Application

Once you title a vehicle in Nebraska, you can obtain the registration and plate without filing an application. You just provide proof of insurance and pay the respective taxes and fees at the same time that you submit the application for title.

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Aug 25, 2022