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Nebraska DMV Locations

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The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provides a variety of services, but not all in the same location. A combination of county service centers and other specialty services makes it possible to provide services faster and more efficiently. Depending on what your DMV services needs might be, the following information should help to streamline your efforts.

Licensing Centers

The DMV has licensing centers located in or near every county in Nebraska. Some counties have more than one licensing center to help keep wait times short and customers happy. You can search for the licensing center located in your county or nearest to where you live by using the DMV online search tool. You just enter the name of your respective county to obtain the relevant search results.

Vehicle Centers

The Nebraska DMV Motor Carrier Services Division provides licensing, vehicle inspections and other services related to commercial vehicle operations. The Motor Carrier Services Division has an office located in Lincoln that is open on weekdays. Individuals and organizations can utilize services through the office or online. Available services include those for Premium Motor Carriers, IFTA online services, IRP online services, and fuel permits.

Road Testing Locations

The Nebraska DMV requires would-be drivers who have passed their knowledge exams to also successfully complete a road test. DMV Road-testing services are located in:

  • Lincoln at 500 West O Street
  • Bellevue at 4502 Maass Road
  • Omaha at 17007 Burt Street

You must schedule an appointment using the DMV’s online scheduling tool to take the Nebraska Class O Drive Test.

Inspection Locations

A variety of titled and registered vehicles, motorcycles, boats, trailers and others in Nebraska require vehicle inspections for titling purposes. Anyone who moves to Nebraska and brings a titled vehicle from out of state needs to obtain a Nebraska title after a respective county sheriff representative inspects it. The inspection affirms the vehicle is the same one listed on the out-of-state title and is properly equipped for legal use on Nebraska roads. Inspection state locations vary and are available by contacting your county treasurer.

Regional Service Centers

The Nebraska DMV does not operate separate regional service centers aside from its licensing service centers and commercial Motor Vehicle Carrier Division locations. The majority of residents will obtain all needed services either online, through their respective county treasurer’s office or at the nearest DMV licensing center.

The respective DMV driver licensing offices only provide services related to:

  • Driver’s licenses and permits
  • State-issued ID cards
  • Commercial Driver’s Licenses

Those who need licensing services must obtain them in the respective county locations.

Nebraskans who need vehicle title and registration services can obtain them through their respective county treasurer’s office. The available county treasurer services are:

  • Vehicle titles
  • Registrations and license plates
  • Vehicle permits

The respective fees for all services at the DMV licensing centers or county treasurer offices are payable with a credit card, debit card, personal check, money order or cashier’s check.

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