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Nebraska Drivers Education

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Whether you are looking for your very first driver’s license or are an experienced motorist looking to add more driving privileges to your current license, the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) oversees and regulates all licensing activities in the state. The process to obtain an initial driver’s license differs for teens and adults. The following information will help aspiring drivers to better navigate Nebraska’s driver’s licensing system.

Testing and Preparing to Drive

The Nebraska DMV does not provide road-testing services but does certify third parties to provide road testing as well as driver’s education for teens and adults. Those who complete certified third-party licensing courses can complete an online DMV practice test to improve their chances of passing the driver knowledge test on the first try. The practice test includes actual questions and answers that are included on the actual DMV knowledge test.

Graduated Driver’s License

Nebraska employs a graduated driver’s license program that utilizes three basic steps to earn full driving privileges. The first step is to obtain a learner’s permit that enables would-be drivers to gain supervised driving experience while also completing a certified driver education course. The second step comes after successfully completing an approved driver education course and logging the appropriate number of supervised driving hours. The would-be driver obtains a provisional license that greatly restricts his or her ability to drive unsupervised. After holding and using the provisional license without any accidents or moving violations, the budding motorist can obtain an unrestricted Nebraska driver’s license. The motorist must go to a Nebraska DMV service center to obtain the unrestricted license and pay the required fees.

Remedial Driver Programs

Some Nebraska motorists who obtain too many moving violations might have to obey a court order requiring them to successfully complete a remedial driver program. An eight-hour defensive driving course provided by the National Safety Council’s Nebraska chapter is an interactive course that focuses on practical ways to improve driving skills and reduce the potential for accidents and moving violations. The course is voluntary for many and helps to improve commercial driver’s skills. Some participants might be required to successfully complete the course by a local court in order to maintain driving privileges.

Defensive Driving Courses

All driver’s eventually experience eroded driving skills and likely pick up one or more bad driving habits over time. An occasional defensive driving course is a great way to hone your driving skills while also ensuring you are up to date on current Nebraska traffic laws. The Nebraska DMV certifies several defensive driving courses across the state. Most are provided through the National Safety Council’s Nebraska unit and enable drivers to sign up for affordable defensive driving courses that are designed to improve driving skills and road-going safety. A four-hour defensive driving course is available to Nebraska drivers. Successful completion will not reduce any points from traffic violations or lead to reinstated driving privileges. The course is designed to improve participants’ driving skills while reducing the potential for injuries, fatalities and property damage arising from vehicular accidents.
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Aug 25, 2022