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Nebraska Drivers License

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Whether you are looking to replace a current license that you lost or someone might have stolen or are looking to get unrestricted driving privileges for the first time in Nebraska, the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) oversees the entire process. The following information

Find a Licensing Center

The Nebraska DMV has licensing centers located throughout the state. You can use the DMV’s online search tool to find the Nebraska DMV licensing center that is located nearest to you. Once you have completed all steps to obtain a Nebraska driver’s license, you must go to the DMV to obtain your license.

Getting a License for the First Time

Nebraska has a graduated driver’s licensing system that helps to ensure learning drivers can become safe and competent motorists. It requires would-be motorists to obtain a learner’s permit, successfully complete classroom courses, and obtain supervised driving experience. Nebraska’s graduated licensing system works differently for adults and teens. Any teen over age 14 can sign up for the teen driver education program administered by the National Safety Council’s Nebraska chapter. Upon passing written and vision tests, the teen can obtain a school learner’s permit that enables limited supervised driving for up to three months. The school learner’s permit is renewable. Upon passing a written and vision test, a teen who is at least 15 years old can obtain a one-year learner’s permit that can be renewed. The learner’s permit enables teens to gain valuable driving experience while also completing classroom work. the teen driver must hold the learner’s permit for at least six months before obtaining a provisional license. After accruing at least 50 hours of supervised driving and successfully completing driver’s education, a teen can obtain a provisional operator’s permit. The provisional permit enables teens to drive on a limited basis with no more than one teen passenger and while supervised by a licensed adult driver who is over age 21. When the teen driver holds the provisional license for at least a year and did not gain more than three points for traffic offenses or cause any accidents, he or she may obtain an unrestricted driver’s license after his or her 17th birthday. Nebraska’s adult driver education program also employs a graduated licensing system that is quicker to complete. Any adult who has not held a driver’s license in Nebraska or another state must obtain a learner’s permit while taking the adult driver education course. Then the adult can obtain a provisional license followed by an unrestricted license upon successful completion of the graduated licensing system.

Renewing Your License

Nebraska requires motorists to renew their driver’s licenses every five years. Anyone who has not changed his or her name or physical description can renew a Nebraska driver’s license online. Those who do not qualify for online renewals must go to a Nebraska DMV licensing center to renew his or her license.

Do You Need a REAL ID?

The Nebraska DMV began issuing REAL ID-compliant driver’s licenses and state ID cards in 2013. With renewals required every five years, virtually all licensed driver’s in the state have REAL ID-compliant licenses. The REAL ID is indicated by a star within a circle in the upper right corner of the driver’s license or state ID card. The REAL ID enables you to board commercial aircraft, enter federal courthouses and military bases, and use other federal facilities without producing additional identification.

Upgrade Your Probationary License

Anyone who holds a probationary license and qualifies for an unrestricted license can obtain one by going to a Nebraska DMV service center.

Replace a Lost or Stolen License

If you have lost your Nebraska driver’s license or it was stolen, you can replace it online or by going to a Nebraska DMV service center. If you go to a service center, you will need to complete a replacement form and provide two acceptable forms of ID.

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Aug 25, 2022