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Nevada Criminal Record

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What Are Criminal Records?

Criminal records are a summary of all the times that a person has been in contact with any law enforcement agent. They can include all kinds of interactions, such as:

  • Convictions
  • Sentences
  • Arrests
  • Parole violations
  • Not guilty verdicts
  • Dismissals

Criminal records could be used against you if you want to move to a new neighborhood or to get a new job. It’s important to make sure they’re accurate.

How Are Criminal Records Used?

Your criminal records can be used for many reasons. They may be used by potential employers to be sure you don’t have certain kinds of crimes in your history. They may be used by lenders to determine if you’re high- or low-risk as a borrower. Essentially, these can help others understand if you are a trustworthy individual.

Sometimes, your criminal record is important for international travel. It can also be important if you are charged with another crime, because your history could play a role in how you’re sentenced.


How Can Someone Access Your Criminal Records?

Employers may access your records if you give permission for a background check. You must provide written authorization to your employer before you can have your fingerprints taken. The Civil Applicant waiver, which may be used by the FBI, waives that requirement.

General Public

The majority of court records in the state are available to the public through an online search, because the court is considered to be public. Any person can request a copy of their own criminal history records or the notice showing an absence of a criminal history. If a request is made by someone in the general public, then the current Nevada Revised Statutes, as well as the current Federal regulations will apply.

Sex Crimes

Nevada has the Sex Offender Public Website that can be searched to locate any registered sex offender in Nevada. On this site, it’s possible to search for people who have committed sex crimes with their last or first name. You can also search by geographical location, vehicle, and by looking at community notifications.

How Can You Request a Criminal Record?

If you would like a copy of your State of Nevada criminal history record, then you should submit:

  • A completed ID form DPS-006
  • A money order or cashier’s check made out to the Department of Public Safety Records, Communications and Compliance Division for the current fee
  • A completed rolled fingerprint card

Send all of these to the following address:

Department of Public Safety
Records, Communications and Compliance Division
333 West Nye Lane, Suite 100
Carson City, Nevada 89706
Phone: (775) 684-6262


Your request will be processed within 30 calendar days, but you should know it can take up to six weeks with mailing time included. If you have any questions about your criminal history records, reach out to the Records, Communications, and Compliance Division at (775) 684-6262.

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Dec 29, 2022