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Nevada Drivers Education

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In Nevada, drivers need to develop strong  driving skills before they can get a NV driver’s license. Taking an approved Nevada driver’s education course is a part of that process.

Testing and Preparing to Drive in Nevada

If you want an NV instruction permit and you’re under 18 years old, you must meet the minimum Nevada school attendance requirements. You will then provide the Certification of Attendance form to the Nevada DMV.

In the event you become truant after getting our driver’s license, then the Nevada DMV can use this same certification to take away your driving privileges in Nevada.

Beginning NV Driver License

The NV DMV requires people under 18 years old to take an approved driver education course. Minors may enroll as young as 15 years old for these classes. There are several options to choose from:

  • An approved online Nevada driver’s ed course and 50 hours of behind-the-wheel experience.
  • 100 hours of driving experience if there is no classroom available within 30 miles of the driver’s residence and they do not have access to the internet.
  • 50 hours behind the wheel and a classroom course

Student drivers in Nevada may take their driving courses at private or public high schools as well as at licensed NV driving schools.

Remedial Driver Programs

There are remedial driving programs in Nevada that can fulfill the requirements of both minor driver education and DUI school. Drivers may attend these programs for one of two reasons:

  • Voluntarily to reduce points on their NV driver’s license
  • As a part of a plea deal with the courts in Nevada

Violators who choose to take school as a part of a plea deal do not receive the benefit of point removal on their license for completing the program. However, it may help reduce other penalties that they face.

Also, motorists are allowed to take one voluntary safety course every 12 months. These courses help reduce demerit points.

Once you complete the school’s coursework, then the school will get in touch with the Nevada DMV and let it know. Points, if they’ll be reduced, will be reduced without you having to do anything further.

Nevada Defensive Driving Courses

Defensive driving courses are excellent options for people who want to drive more safely and prevent crashes.

Defensive driving courses are also included in all state agency safety programs, so many people have to take them.

Next, the Nevada DMV requires all employees who are drivers to take defensive driving courses in the following areas:

  • Las Vegas
  • Carson City or Reno
  • Rural areas of the state

This also applies to employees who drive only occasionally, maintain high-performance teams, and ones in charge of transporting clients.

There is an online Nevada defensive driving course that satisfies the state’s requirements. For employees required to take the course, a refresher must be taken every 4 years.

You can take a classroom course first. You may also take the digital course each time after that. Importantly, these student drivers must pass with an 80% or higher score to complete the DMV-approved program for work or other purposes.

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Nov 10, 2022