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New Hampshire Drivers License

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Find a DMV Office in New Hampshire

As in every other state, it is a legal requirement for you to hold a valid driver’s license if you want to operate a vehicle in the state of New Hampshire. Thankfully, it is actually pretty easy for you to find a DMV office in the state. You can find a DMV office in New Hampshire by going here and checking out the list of DMV offices in the state. That page also gives you each office’s hours of operations and a brief overview of the services they offer. However, you can also check out the map to find the DMV office closest to you.

Getting a Driver’s License If You’re Under 18

Like many other states, New Hampshire does allow drivers under 18 to get a driver’s license if they submit an application and complete all the requirements for an approved Driver Education Program. The drivers under 18 in New Hampshire will receive a Youth Operator License if they do all of this. Any approved Driver Education Program must include 30 hours of classroom instruction with a certified driver education instructor, ten hours of practice driving with a certified driver education instructor, and six hours of driving observation with a certified driver education instructor. However, this is not all that an approved Driver Education Program must include. Each student applying for a Youth Operator License must also complete 40 hours of additional supervised driving time with a parent, guardian, or another responsible adult. Ten of those additional driving hours must be at night. The driver and the parent or guardian have to certify the additional driving time, and you can log this additional driving time using the Certification of Additional Supervised Driving form. Your parent or guardian must also give you written permission to apply for a driver’s license if you are under 18 in New Hampshire.

Applying for a New Hampshire Driver’s License

You have to visit a DMV office in New Hampshire with all the necessary documents, the correct application, and the licensing fee to apply for a driver’s license. You will need one item to prove your identity, one item to prove your Social Security Number, and two items to prove your New Hampshire residency. You can learn more about these requirements here. You can also find the Driver’s License Application here which you will also need to get a license. If you want to get a REAL ID-compliant driver, you will have to pay a $60 licensing fee to get it. To get a driver’s license in New Hampshire, you will have to pass three different tests. These are the vision test, knowledge test, and road test. All of these tests are only available via an appointment. Once you pass all of these tests and submit the licensing fee, you can get your picture taken and receive your driver’s license.

Renewing Your New Hampshire Driver’s License

Everyone needs to renew their driver’s license eventually. In the state of New Hampshire, your driver’s license expires on your birthday, usually five years after it was issued. The DMV will send you a renewal notice roughly two months before your license expires to remind you to renew it. If you are eligible to renew your driver’s license online, you can do so by going here and completing the renewal process. If you are not eligible to renew your driver’s license online, you must renew it in person. You can do this by visiting any DMV office in New Hampshire. You will have to bring your current driver’s license in addition to an Application for a Driver License. You will also have to pass a vision test, pay the renewal fee, and have a new photo taken. The DMV will give you a 60-day temporary license, and you will receive the permanent license via mail within 60 days.

Out-of-State Driver’s Licenses

You can transfer a valid out-of-state driver’s license if you have one. To do so, you can make an appointment with a DMV office then bring your current, valid out-of-state driver’s license as well as proper proof of identification and New Hampshire residency for the kind of license you have. You have to pass a vision test and pay your license fee, then get your photo taken. You will then receive a temporary paper license from the DMV and get your permanent license in the mail within 60 days.

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Aug 25, 2022