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How To Obtain Your Texas Driving Record 

You can get your Texas driving record by ordering it from the Texas Department of Public Safety. You can submit an order for your driving record if you have a Texas driver license, ID card, or commercial driver license. You can send in this order either in the mail or online. You cannot receive in-person driver record services at any Texas DPS locations.

Applying to Get the Driving Record 

You can order your driving record online and many people find this the most convenient way of getting their driving record. You first need to know which kind of driver record you want to make this order online. You will have to fill out a Driver Record Request Form to get your Texas driving record. Additionally, you should have all of the following information available: 

  • Your date of birth
  • The last four digits of your Social Security Number

You will also need your most recent driver license, commercial driver license, or ID card in addition to the audit number on that ID card. If you do not know this, you will have to answer some security questions in order to verify your identity. You need to use Adobe Reader and the latest version of Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari as your browser when ordering your driving record online.

Required Documentation 

The first kind of documentation that you need to get your Texas driving record is your most recently issued Texas driver license, ID card, or commercial driver license. In addition, you also need to have your Social Security card number so you can easily provide the last four digits of your SSN. You will need to submit the Application for Copy of Driver Record, which is also called Form DR-1.

Fees for Getting Your Driving Record and Payment Methods 

The fees for getting your driving record vary based on what kind of driving record you are getting. The fee for getting a Type 1 driver record is $4.00, the fee for a Type 2 record is $6.00, and the fee for a Type 2A record is $10.00. You will have to pay $7.00 for a Type 3 record and a $10 fee for your Type 3A record. The Type AR driver record costs you a total of $20.


Types of Driving Records 

Type 1 driving records are known as status records and include your date of birth, home address, license status, and the date that you originally applied for a Texas driver license. Type 2 driving records give you all the info from Type 1 driving records in addition to a list of crashes and all moving violations for three years from the date of the violation. Type 3 driving records provide you with a list of all your crashes and violations, both moving and nonmoving violations.

Type 3A driving records give you a certified list of all your crashes and violations and are provided only to the person they belong to and no one else. Type 3A driving records are the only record type you can use for a defensive driving course. Type AR driving records give you all the Type 3 information in addition to all suspensions in the record.

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Dec 29, 2022