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New Mexico DMV Forms

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Driver’s License Surrender

If you are applying for a New Mexico driver’s license and already have one in another state, the MVD will require you to surrender your out-of-state license. You do that by filling out MVD 10231.

Driver’s License Reinstatement

If you are filing for reinstatement of your driver’s license after a drunken driving conviction, you’ll need an ignition interlock device. To certify that you have one and to ask for driver’s license reinstatement based on it, you file MVD 10236.

Release of Driving Record

If someone wants a copy of your driving record or you wish to check your own record, you’ll fill out a request and authorization form, MVD 11260.

Driving School Completion

Young people under age 18 must have completed a state-approved driver education program to receive their provisional license. They’ll fill out Form MVD 10273 to certify that completion. The form also asks other questions about their driving habits and health.

Application for Vehicle Title and Registration

If you buy a vehicle from anyone other than a dealer or move to the state from another state, you’ll need to obtain a title and registration for the vehicle. One step in the process is filling out an application. In New Mexico, one form suffices to apply for both title and registration. That form is MVD 10002. You’ll need the names of lien holders and odometer readings to successfully complete the form.

Application for Duplicate Vehicle Title and Registration

You can’t sell or trade a vehicle without signing the title. If you’ve lost the title, you’ll need to obtain a duplicate. To do so, you file form MVD 10901.

Release of Lien Form

If you buy a car with a loan from a financial institution, they will put a lien on the vehicle until you pay the loan in full. That lien appears on the title. Once you’ve paid the lien, you’ll want it taken off the title so that you can sell it or trade it free and clear. To have that lien released, you fill out form MVD 10041.

Special Vehicle License Plate Forms

New Mexico residents may request a variety of special vehicle license plates by filling out the appropriate forms. Some of the most popular are active-duty military plates, veterans’ plates, and collegiate plates.

Application for Placard

Individuals who have conditions that impair their mobility may apply for handicapped placards using form MVD 10383. The form has a space for the physician to provide information about the applicant’s physical condition and signature.

Medical Report

In some cases, the New Mexico MVD will require that a person have a medical checkup to ensure that they can continue to drive safely. Based upon that evaluation, the physician fills out form MVD 10124.

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Aug 26, 2022