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New York Driving Record

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The New York Department of Motor Vehicles keeps track of DMV records on a standard driving record for around three years in most cases. Lifetime driving records contain all of your license information that the DMV has in its possession. These are also held by the state permanently. CDL license information is normally held as long as federal or state law requires, but lifetime records are always available to drivers.

How to Get a New York Driving Record

If you would like to get your driving abstract, which is another way of saying your driving record, then you will need to request the records with a Request for DMV Records form, form MV-15. For people with a CDL license, the form will need to be the MV-15CDL. It costs $10 to get your records in New York, and a check or money order needs to be made out to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.


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Supporting Documents

When you seek your New York Driving Record, you will need to include supporting documents. If you are ordering a copy by mail, then you will need to include a photocopy of your proof of identity and a personal check or money order for $10 along with the MV-15 form.

Three Ways to Get Your Driver Record

There are three ways that you can order your copy of your driving record. These include:

  • Ordering online at gov
  • Ordering by mail
  • Ordering in person

Ordering Online

When ordering online, you can do so through the MyDMV.gov website. You’ll be able to save and print your Standard, CDL, or Lifetime driving record through this service. The fee for the service is $7, and it gives you five days to access the information.

To create an account, you will need your most recent ID or license. If you don’t have it, then you will need to order in person or by mail.

Ordering by Mail

If you are ordering by mail, you will need to submit either form MV-15 or MV-15CDL as well as a check or money order for $10. Send a copy of your proof of identity to the “Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.”

This all can be sent to:

NYS Department of Motor Vehicles
MV-15 Processing
6 Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12228

Ordering in Person

If you do not have your license or would like to request your records, remember that you cannot get your lifetime abstract or CDL abstract at the DMV office. You can only get the Standard record with form MV-15C.

Costs and How to Pay

You must pay $10 to obtain these records. The payment can be made by check or money order. If paying online, a credit or debit card is accepted.

Checks and money orders should be made out to the “Commissioner of Motor Vehicles,” to make sure that the right person receives them.

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