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Universal title application

Drivers in New York may use the universal title application to obtain a title for their vehicle, either the first time or as a duplicate.

MV-349, MV-349.1 Affidavit of surviving spouse

Using MV-349 or MV-349.1, it’s possible to transfer the vehicle of a deceased person into the name of a surviving spouse or minor child when the vehicle is worth $25,000 or less and there is or is not a will.

MV-619 Renew/replace DL- out of state for extended period

Drivers in New York who are out of the state for an extended period of time may send in a request for a license renewal but must have their vision tested. The Vision Test Report, MV-619, can be submitted by mail or electronically. Then, form MV-44 may be used to apply for a permit, license, or non-driver ID card. Remember to include a money order or check made out to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, which is $164.50 for A, B, or C licenses or up to $180.50 for the Transportation District fees when they apply.

MV-82 Title and register a vehicle while temporarily located out of state

Form MV-82 allows you to title or register your vehicle when you’re temporarily out of state. You need to complete this form and provide proof of ownership (an original, not a photocopy), proof of NY state auto insurance, payments for sales tax and proof of age and identity.

Driver history abstract request form MV-15

Form MV-15 is used to request all DMV records. Send in this form by mail or go to mydmv.gov and fill it out. If you renew your license at the same time, the cost for your records is only $10.

Wheelchair symbol plate/placard application

If you are in need of a wheelchair symbol plate or placard, form MV-664.1 needs to be completed by your medical provider.

Wheelchair symbol plate/placard checklist

There is a long checklist of requirements to get a wheelchair symbol plate or placard in New York, including having your medical provider fill out form MV-664.1. The entire list of requirements can be found here.

MV-215 refund application

If you have overpaid the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, you can send in a request for a refund. This is done with form MV-215 and will take up to 90 days for the form to be processed. If you are looking for a sales tax refund, then you must include another form, DTF-806.

Physician certification for blind or disabled person, non-driver ID application

To get a non-driver ID, you need to apply at a DMV office. This page gives more information on the documents you will need to apply.

Vehicle registration application

Form MV-82 is used for first-time registration applications as well as renewals.

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