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North Carolina Address Change

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What Are the Basics?

When you move, regardless of whether you are moving within the state or interstate, you must notify the North Carolina DMV to change your address on your driver’s license and vehicle registration.

How Do I Change My Address If I Am Moving Within North Carolina?

You can change your address on your license and registration online by ordering a duplicate card. You will need your license plate number and the last five characters of the vehicle ID number for the registration. You can also update your driver’s license in person at a driver license office and your registration by phoning (919) 715-7000 or mailing an Application for Duplicate Registration Certificate (MVR-10) along with the fee to:

N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles Renewal, Title & Plate Unit 3148 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27697-3148

The license fee is $14, and the registration fee is $21.50.

How Long Do I Have to Complete This?

You must complete the change form 60 days after your move.

How Do I Change My Address If I Am Moving To North Carolina from Another State?

If you are moving to North Carolina from another state, you will need to obtain a North Carolina driver’s license. This must be done in person, bringing the following:

  • Your out-of-state license or another identification showing name and date of birth
  • Social Security card or other document proving your Social Security number
  • One document verifying your physical address in NC (or two documents if you want a RealID that is needed for air travel)
  • If you weren’t born in the US, bring a document verifying legal status
  • Proof of insurance coverage in North Carolina
The license fee is $5.50.

You also can change the registration in person by bringing the following to a local license plate agency:

  • Vehicle title or registration card
  • Title application
  • Odometer disclosure if the vehicle is less than 10 years old
  • NC license or valid out-of-state license with NC temporary driving card
  • Proof of insurance in NC

The fees are $56 for the title/registration and between $38.75 and $53.75 for the license plates, depending upon the county.

How Long Do I Have to Complete This?

You must obtain a new driver’s license within 60 days of your move. You must update the registration after obtaining your new driver’s license and upon accepting gainful employment or before the expiration of reciprocity agreements between your old state and North Carolina, whichever occurs first.

How Do I Change My Address If I Am Moving From North Carolina?

North Carolina does not require that you notify the state about your driver’s license since North Carolina will cancel your license once you obtain one in your new state of residence. However, you must return your license plates before you cancel your auto insurance in North Carolina, or you will incur penalties. You return the plates to:

NCDMV Vehicle Registration Section Renewal Title & Plate Unit 3148 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27697-3148

Where Do I Call With Questions?

The number for the North Carolina DMV is (919) 715-7000.

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