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North Carolina DMV Forms

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Application for North Carolina Title and/or Registration

When you buy a vehicle in North Carolina or move into North Carolina from another state, you must apply for a title and registration. You use MVR-1 to apply for the title. You will also need to provide an odometer disclosure statement, MVR-180, and, if you’ve bought a vehicle less than five years old, a damage disclosure statement from MVR-181. If you are seeking an exemption from paying the highway use tax, you file form MVR-613. If you lose your title or change your address, you’ll need to file a request for a duplicate title, MVR-4, and duplicate registration, MVR-10.

Application for Disabled or Personalized License Plates

If you are disabled, you may apply for disability license plates using the form MVR-37A. A medical doctor must complete a section of the form. You may apply for personalized license plates using a personalized plate form.

Application for Copy of Driver Record

You can get your driver record online. The cost is $5 for a noncertified copy and $7 for a certified copy. You need to know the kind of driver record you need. After that, you need the following:
  • Your most recently issued Texas driver’s license, commercial driver’s license, or ID card number, and that card’s audit number.
  • Your date of birth
  • Last 4 digits of your SSN
  • Adobe Reader (for certified copies)
  • The latest version of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari
  • A valid credit or debit card to pay the fee
  • The ability to email or print the record

Application for Renewal/Replacement/Change of a North Carolina Driver License or Identification Card

You can renew or replace your North Carolina driver’s license and ID card online in most cases. Otherwise, you renew your driver’s license at a driver’s license office by appointment only. If renewing a lost or stolen license, you will need to bring two documents verifying your identity and one verifying your social security number.

Application for a North Carolina Driver License or Identification Card

Applications for driver’s licenses and ID cards must be made in person by appointment only. You must bring one document verifying identity, one verifying your Social Security number, a document proving residency, and, if not a US citizen, a document verifying legal presence. A driver’s license also requires proof of insurance. While there is no form that you fill out ahead of time when applying for your driver’s license, there are forms for teens to log the driving hours they need to advance through the graduated license program. They are DL-4A and DL-4B. When you apply for a non-driver identification card, you use Form DL-232. You may also opt to obtain a Real ID card or driver’s license, which is required to board airplanes. A RealID requires an additional document verifying residence in North Carolina. You must go to a driver’s license office in person to obtain a RealID.
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Aug 26, 2022