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North Dakota Criminal Record

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In North Dakota, as in other states, criminal records are public (to an extent). The North Dakota Court System is responsible for managing the state’s criminal records. They make it easy for everyone to access the state’s criminal records through their website.

What are North Dakota Criminal Records?

Criminal records in North Dakota are formatted similarly to those in other states. Criminal records include much more than just someone’s convictions, though this is all most people think of when they hear the term “criminal record.” North Dakota criminal records also include all arrests, dropped charges and acquittals. The record will even include pending charges and both current warrants and past warrants. Criminal records also include personal information about the record holder. This personal information includes the person’s full name, date of birth, address, and any known aliases. Criminal records also include a picture, fingerprints, and the record holder’s Social Security number. However, this information may be blocked in the public database to prevent identity theft.

How are North Dakota Criminal Records Used?

There are three main ways that criminal records, including North Dakota criminal records, are used. Criminal records are most often accessed during routine background checks. While there are a variety of situations that could lead to a background check, it most often occurs during the job application process. The prospective employer is required to notify you if they plan to access your criminal record as part of a background check.

Criminal records may also be used when you apply for a state-issued license, such as a medical license or a law license. The issuing agency will check your record to be sure that you do not have any violations that would prevent you from getting the license. The agency will let you know that a criminal records check is part of the background process.

Finally, criminal records may be accessed by law enforcement personnel during an investigation.

Is it Possible to Access Another Person’s Records?

Some states make it difficult for a private citizen to access another citizen’s records. However, North Dakota is not one of those states. It is easy to access another person’s records through the state’s online portal. You only need their first and last name, while many state’s require the person’s date of birth or their Social Security number.

Requesting a Criminal Record in North Dakota

To request a criminal record in North Dakota, simply go to the North Dakota Court System’s portal. You will be asked to choose the type of record you wish to access. Select the type of record you want and fill in the full legal name of the person whose record you are requesting. You should keep in mind that your search may have multiple results if there are people with the same name who also have criminal records.

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Mar 30, 2023