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North Dakota DMV Locations

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There are quite a few Motor Vehicle Division offices in the state of North Dakota. The DMV is known as the Motor Vehicle Division or MVD in this state. You should also know the fact that the MVD is a part of the Department of Transportation in the state of North Dakota. Additionally, the North Dakota Department of Transportation has a few different kinds of offices. These offices handle different matters relating to North Dakota drivers.

MVD Locations in North Dakota

As previously stated, there are many MVD locations in the state of North Dakota. You can go to one of them for a variety of different services. It is good for you to know that an MVD office only handles certain types of services. If you want help with anything relating to driver’s licenses, it is best to go to a North Dakota DOT driver’s license office instead. A North Dakota MVD office can provide you with assistance with other matters, though.

North Dakota DOT Driver’s License Offices

If you require help with driver’s license matters, you should visit a North Dakota DOT driver’s license office. You can get a number of driver’s license services at these locations. You can receive assistance with driving permits in addition to teen driver’s licenses and adult driver’s licenses, as well. However, this is not all.

You can go to a North Dakota DOT driver’s license office and get help regarding commercial driver’s licenses and motorcycle licenses, as well. It is not just about standard driver’s licenses. If you need help with anything relating to state identification cards, you should stop by a North Dakota DOT driver’s license office, too.

Making an Appointment with an MVD Office in North Dakota

There are several ways that you can schedule an appointment with an MVD location in North Dakota. The first way is that you can go there in person and make an appointment. However, you can also make an appointment online by visiting this website. You can use this website to select the type of appointment you need and book it online.

You can do so quickly and easily using that website. It is worth noting that you can only make appointments for certain services. You do have to call 855-633-6835 to schedule an appointment to take the road test for a commercial driver’s license.

Find a North Dakota DOT Office

You can locate a DOT office in North Dakota using several different methods. You can search for a DOT office by looking by district and finding the DOT district office that is closest to you. However, you can also locate the North Dakota Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Offices by checking out this helpful document. This shows a list of Motor Vehicle Offices and it separates them by city.

North Dakota Motor Vehicle Offices Hours Of Operation

It is important that you are aware of the hours of operation for the Motor Vehicle Office you are planning to visit. This helps ensure you do not try to go to the office when it is already closed. Thankfully, it is fairly easy to find the hours of operation for all the Motor Vehicle Offices in North Dakota. You can consult this document and find the hours of operation for every Motor Vehicle Office in the state of North Dakota.

What Do North Dakota MVD Offices Handle?

You already know that North Dakota DOT offices take care of anything relating to driving permits, driver’s licenses, motorcycle licenses, and state identification cards. However, North Dakota MVD offices handle different matters. You can go to an MVD office in North Dakota for anything relating to vehicle titles and license plates.

You can also visit a North Dakota MVD office for vehicle registration services, as well. You can renew your vehicle registration at a North Dakota MVD office. You can also register your vehicle and get a title for your vehicle at one of these offices, too. You can also request a duplicate certificate of title at a North Dakota MVD office.

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