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North Dakota Drivers Education

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North Dakota offers several types of driver education. Young drivers can get instruction to prepare for their driving tests, and they must successfully complete the state’s graduated license program. Drivers of all ages in North Dakota can also benefit from the state’s remedial and defensive driving courses. Read on to learn more about driver education in North Dakota.

Preparing to Get Your Driver’s License

In North Dakota, as in many other states, you can get a permit at the age of 15. North Dakota uses the term “restricted driver’s license.” To get this license, a young driver must pass written and vision tests. Some schools in North Dakota offer driver’s education classes that are intended to prepare young people to get their restricted licenses. Young people who do not have access to a structured driver’s education class may want to study for the written test using the material on the North Dakota Department of Transportation website.

North Dakota’s Graduated Driver License Program

North Dakota’s graduated license program is intended to take young drivers from getting their restricted licenses to getting their full licenses. As previously mentioned, North Dakota residents can get their restricted licenses at the age of 15. They will then have a year to log driving hours with a licensed driver who is 21 or older. They must drive with a licensed driver, and they cannot drive late at night. After successfully driving for a year with a restricted license, a North Dakota driver will be eligible to apply for a full license. They must pass the written test, the vision test, and a road test to get their full driver’s license.

Remedial Driving Programs in North Dakota

North Dakota offers drivers state-approved courses that will reduce the number of points on their license. These courses are not offered by the state, as they are instead offered by third-party providers. These remedial driving programs can even be taken online. Drivers may want to sign up for one of these courses if they have received a ticket and want to avoid a potential increase in their insurance premiums. Also, taking a remedial driving course to remove points from your license will help you avoid a license suspension due to having too many points.

North Dakota Defensive Driving Courses

In addition to the remedial driving courses that are intended to take points off of your North Dakota license, you can also attend a defensive driving course. Completing these courses will not result in the removal of points from your license. However, doing a defensive driving course may earn you an insurance discount. You should check with your insurer to see if they offer a discount program for drivers who have completed a defensive driving course. Of course, you will also be able to simply improve your driving skills through such a course.

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Aug 27, 2022