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North Dakota Driving Record

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Getting a Driving Record in North Dakota

North Dakota is one of many states that makes it easy to obtain a driving record by offering an online request system. The system allows the requestor to view a limited driving record online. If you want to get a full driving record, you have to mail the request form to the following address:

Drivers License Division
608 E Boulevard Ave.
Bismarck ND, 58505

The North Dakota Driving Record Application

The online application to get a North Dakota driving record is similar to that found in many other states. You will need the information of the person(s) whose record you are requesting, including their name, date of birth, and driver’s license ID number. You will also need to pay a small fee.

The first step of the application is inputting the information of the requestor (you or your company). Next, you will need to put in the information of the record holder. Once you have completed this, you must submit the request and pay the fee. After submitting payment, you will be able to view and print the record.

If you wish to request a complete driving record by mail, you must supply the same information. However, you will need written consent to obtain the full driving record of another person.

Required Documents

Technically, you do not have to have any documents to request a limited driving record online. However, many requestors have a copy of the record holder’s driver’s license, as the online application requires information found on the license (full legal name, date of birth, and driver’s license number). If you are requesting a complete driving record by mail, you need the form and written consent (if requesting another person’s record).

North Dakota Driving Record Request Fees & Payment Methods

North Dakota charges a $3 fee to view a limited driving record over the Internet. Paying this fee entitles you to view one person’s record one time. This is why it’s a good idea to print the record immediately. If you have to request it again, you will have to pay the fee again. The fee can be paid with Visa, Mastercard, or Discover credit cards.

The fee to request a complete driving record by mail is also $3. This fee can be paid with a check or a money order.

Types of North Dakota Driving Records

There are two types of North Dakota driving records: limited records and complete records. Limited records do not show any violations of less than three points or any items from more than three years ago. A limited record also does not display the number of total points that the record holder currently has on their license. The complete driving record shows everything, including all violations, items from more than three years prior, and the total number of points.

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Mar 30, 2023