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North Dakota Traffic Tickets

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Does North Dakota Use a Points System?

One question that many people often ask is if the state they live in uses a points system when it comes to traffic violations. Some states do use a points system. The state of North Dakota does use a points system to penalize drivers for traffic violations. As you might expect, you receive a different number of points on your driving record depending on the traffic violation. You get more points for more serious violations and fewer points for less serious traffic violations.

Traffic Violations in North Dakota

As you now know, North Dakota does utilize a points system for traffic violations. However, the number of points you get on your driving record depends on the traffic violation. Some examples of less serious traffic violations are illegal parking, driving without any license plates, going 11-15 MPH over the speed limit when it is lower than 70 MPH, and speeding 6-10 MPH over the speed limit when the speed limit is at least 70 MPH or higher.

All of these traffic violations will get you one point on your driving record in North Dakota. However, failing to report an accident is more serious and gets you six points on your driving record. Reckless driving is quite serious and gets you eight points on your driving record as a result.

Paying for Traffic Tickets in North Dakota

There are several ways that you can pay for a traffic ticket in North Dakota. You can pay for the traffic ticket via mail in an envelope that will be provided for you. You can do so by putting the payment in the envelope within 14 days and mailing it to the address on the envelope.

It will be the Clerk of District Court for the county where you got the ticket. You can also pay for a traffic ticket online with a credit card. You can go here for instructions about how to pay for a traffic ticket online in North Dakota.

North Dakota Driver Improvement

The state of North Dakota provides several different kinds of driver improvement programs to keep its roads as safe as possible. Of course, youth drivers can attend these programs and improve their skills. However, adult drivers can take advantage of driver improvement programs as well. You can even get a discount on your auto insurance if you attend a driver safety course in the state of North Dakota.

North Dakota Driver’s License Suspension

You can get your driver’s license suspended if you get 12 points or even more on your North Dakota driving record. The North Dakota Department of Transportation suspends your driving privileges for seven days for every point over 11 points on your driving record. For example, if you have accumulated 14 points, then your license will be suspended for 21 days. Some serious violations such as DUI can cause your license to be automatically suspended. It is best to check your driving record to make sure you don’t accumulate too many points.

Removing Points from Driving Records

Thankfully, the North Dakota Department of Transportation automatically takes one point off your driving record for every 3-month period in which you don’t get any more points. However, you don’t just have to wait to get points off your record. You can also complete a driver improvement course that is approved by the North Dakota Department of Transportation and take three points off your record.

You can take these courses to remove points from your driving record once in every 12-month period. You can also complete a driver improvement course to prevent points from getting added to your driving record due to a recent violation. However, this violation must be a violation that would have only gotten you five points or fewer. Additionally, you can only take a driver improvement course to get points waved once per 12-month period.

North Dakota Driver’s License Reinstatement

There is quite a bit you might have to do to get your driver’s license reinstated. It depends on why your license got suspended in the first place. You might have to fulfill any requirements from the court, successfully complete a program about alcohol education, submit proof of insurance, aka an SR22, to the DMV in North Dakota, and pay for a reinstatement fee. You may also have to take the driving skills test and the knowledge test and pass both tests once again.

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