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Application for an Ohio Title and/or Registration

Transferring a vehicle title is an important part of the process of buying or selling a vehicle in all states, including Ohio. A seller must provide the buyer with a properly signed and notarized title that includes both the odometer reading and the date of sale. The buyer also must file Form 3774, Application for Certificate of Title for Motor Vehicle. The buyer will also have to pay sales taxes at the time of application; the amount depends upon the county. The buyer also pays title fees.

The buyer must present the title application in person at a Title Bureau or County Clerk of Courts Title Office.

Application for Certified Copy of Title

You obtain a replacement certified copy of the title by filing the same form as you would file for an original. The form is 3774 Application for Certificate of Title for a Motor Vehicle. It must be presented in person at a Title Bureau or County Clerk of Courts Title Office.

Application for Copy of Driver Record

You can get an uncertified copy of your two-year driving record for free online. If you want a certified copy of your three-year record, you can apply either online, by mail, or in person. If you apply by mail or online, the copy will be mailed to you. To apply in person or online, you fill out Form 1173, Ohio BMV Record Request Form. The cost is $5.

Forms Permitting Probationary License Holders to Drive During Restricted Hours

Drivers who are 16 and 17 have probationary licenses that do not allow them to drive unaccompanied during certain hours. However, drivers may do so if they have signed forms from employers or school or religious officials indicating that they need to drive for specific events. Employers fill out and sign Form 2825. School or religious officials complete and sign Form 2826.

Application for Driver’s License Reinstatement After Alcohol or Drug Conviction

Drivers who have had three convictions of driving while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs within a three-year have their license suspended until they complete a drug addiction treatment program and maintain six months of sobriety after the program ends. They also must file Form BMV2326 to apply to have their driving privileges reinstated.

Proof of Ohio Residency Certification Form

Sometimes an individual applies for an Ohio driver’s license and cannot prove Ohio residency through any of the acceptable documents. For example, a dependent young person who lives with their parents may not have these documents; likewise, a spouse of someone who has acceptable documents may not have documents to prove residency themselves. Those living in shelters also may lack these documents. In these cases, the parent, spouse, or agency official would fill out and sign Form BMV 2336.

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