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Oklahoma Criminal Record

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The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) maintains records of criminal convictions that occur in state courts. Those records are public information and are available to third parties on a limited basis. Individuals can obtain copies of their respective Oklahoma criminal records, and so can others when they have permission to do so.

What Are Criminal Records?

Oklahoma criminal records are listings of all state-level criminal convictions that occur within respective Oklahoma court systems. The records only apply to convictions and do not reference any criminal charges that might initially have been used to prosecute the person in question.

The records do not reflect criminal convictions that occur outside of Oklahoma or at the federal level. The federal courts system provides records of federal criminal cases, and Oklahoma courts provide records of respective criminal cases that are not sealed.

Criminal records include copies of fingerprints, mug shots and other identifying information on the respective individual. That helps to ensure the person in question actually is the person of record for those who are conducting the respective background check.

How Are Criminal Records Used?

Criminal records mostly are used to conduct background checks on individuals. Prospective employers usually obtain written permission from job applicants to conduct background checks, including criminal background checks. So do many community associations that obtain permission from prospective residents and want to ensure they are not letting a potential threat to the local community take up residence.

When buying firearms, FFL dealers will conduct a criminal records check as part of the background check that is required for firearms purchases. Any felony convictions and some misdemeanor convictions could prevent firearms transfers from occurring.

Federal and state law enforcement also can access criminal records and often do when conducting criminal investigations. The law enforcement agencies do not need to obtain permission to access criminal records, including any sealed records.

How Can Someone Access Your Records?

The OSBI processes requests for criminal records in Oklahoma. Third parties must obtain your written permission and usually do whenever you complete an application for a job, residence, firearms purchase of similar occasion. Law enforcement always have access and do not need your permission to access any records for criminal convictions that you might have in Oklahoma.

The OSBI processes criminal records and fingerprints requests at its headquarters in Oklahoma City. OSBI also processes name-based requests online via its criminal history information request portal and paying the requisite fees.

How Can You Request a Criminal Record?

Individuals can obtain copies of their respective criminal records by visiting the OSBI headquarters in Oklahoma City or by conducting an online search via the OSBI criminal history information request portal. You will have to pay a fee to obtain your own criminal record. You can pay the fee with a credit card or debit card online or with a personal check, money order or cashier’s check at the OSBI headquarters in Oklahoma City.

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Dec 29, 2022